How to Deep-Clean Your House Using The KonMari Method?

Marie Kondo wiping the window glass with a cloth rag

How to Deep-Clean Your House Using The KonMari Method?

By : angila
The KonMari Method is an effective method to organise your house and get rid of unwanted stuff. Marie Kondo, a popular Japanese organising consultant, has introduced this method, and it is gaining popularity among people worldwide.

Many people hire professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to deep clean the house. But before hiring experts, use the KonMari method to organise your belongings. You will get a better cleaning result for sure. This method will help you to keep all your essential things in the best possible manner and thoroughly clean your house.

Here is detail information on deep cleaning your house using the KonMari method. Let’s have a look.

Commit to the task completely

The first rule of the KonMari Method says that you need to commit to tidying up your house thoroughly. The methods can test your patience, but you should leave it halfway. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make your home organised.

If you follow the KonMari Method from starting to end, you will successfully get rid of all the clutter, and that will help you to deep clean your home – from the living room and bedroom to kitchen and bathroom. After following this method, you will find more space in your house, and that will allow it to clean thoroughly and in an organised manner.

Visualise the Home and Lifestyle you want

If you want to make your home organised, free from clutter and perfectly clean you should start visualising it. You can think that instead of thinking, it would better you start organising and cleaning it. But it won’t help you in the long run because it will again get cluttered and you will struggle to deep clean the house.

However, when you visualise an organised home, you will identify why you want to live in such a place. That will help you to carry out the entire organising task as well as cleaning task with perfection. It may look some insignificant, but it can help you to deep clean your house and change its appearance. To get help in the cleaning, you can contact professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

Complete the discarding of unwanted things first

Before you start organising your stuff, you must get rid of things that you don’t use anymore and things that you will not require in future. It will help you to remove a lot of things, and that will make the organising task a lot easier. When you get rid of the unwanted things, you create more space, and that allows cleaning your house thoroughly.

So, take the unwanted items from your closet, storeroom, kitchen, garage, etc. and get rid of them. You can either sell the items or donate them. When you have clutter in your home, it accumulates a lot of dust and dirt, so after removing the items, thoroughly clean the house, particularly places like garage, storeroom and basement.

Remove cobwebs, moulds, etc. from these places. If you have removed a lot of thing bedroom and living room, also clean them thoroughly.

Organise by category instead of a location

People usually organise their belongings room by room, but according to the KonMari method, it is a mistake. If you follow this method, you will not get the result. This approach is not correct because people think they have accomplished the task and tidied up the house properly.

However, the reality is that they have only shuffled their belongings from one room to another. Instead of organising things, they have scattered items in the same group around the house. This approach will make it impossible for people to get an idea of the volume of belongings they own.

So, instead of performing the task as per location, organise by category. This way, you will be able to organise all the room appropriately. After that, clean the ceiling and walls with windows and floor of all the room to give your house a thorough cleaning.

Follow the correct order

According to the KonMari method, you must follow the right category when organising your belongings. Following the right segment can make the task a lot easier. So, always start with the clothes and move to books, papers, miscellaneous items and at last, the sentimental items.

For each category, accumulate every item in a pile at the centre of the room. This will give you an accurate idea of how much extra you have. It will help you to organise thing properly. More importantly, it will give you a chance to clean your closet all the drawers, cabinets, study table, kitchen shelves, and other similar spots.

Check whether your belongings spark joy in you

When you are placing all the items back to their respective place, take each item in your hand and as if the item still give you the spark of jot in you. Other cleaning methods say that if you are not using anything for the last one year, you don’t need the item. However, the KonMari method gives importance to the feeling. So, discard only those things that do no spark joy in you.

Hire professionals

If you want to give your house a thorough cleaning, hire professionals who provide end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. By following the KonMari method, you will organise your stuff in the best possible manner and get rid of all unwanted items.

This is the right time for professionals to deep clean your house, from ceiling to floor, the experts clean all the room of your house thoroughly and make sure it looks sparkling clean.


The KonMari method is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness. It is also very easy to follow and give you a chance to clean your house in the best possible manner. By keeping your house organised and clean, you can live a stress-free and healthy life. If you want to give your home a real makeover, consider this method and give it a try.