How to disinfect your home in 5 simple steps

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How to disinfect your home in 5 simple steps

By : angila
The environment we live in is naturally loaded with allergens and disease-causing organisms. The risk of contracting illness from these germs multiplies when a member of the family falls sick or recuperates from an infectious disease. Under such circumstances, the possibilities of a re-infection soar and hence, it becomes crucial to disinfect the house.The tenants who vacate their property and avail professional end of lease cleaning in Melbourne also ensure thorough sanitisation to avoid transmission of diseases through the contaminated surfaces and appliances. Disinfection is a sophisticated process involving the thorough cleaning of a place or appliances to kill the harmful bacteria and viruses. It is vital to employ high-quality germicides and products to achieve this. But, it is ironic that most of the cleaning products are chemical-based and dangerous for health. In such a scenario, the need for applying all green, biodegradable products can’t be emphasised enough. This explains why the licensed end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne ensure compliance with the safety guidelines and use only planet-friendly products. Here is a step by step guide to disinfecting the house using eco-friendly products.

Step 1 – Declutter and Organise

The first and most important step to sustain a clean and sanitary environment in your house is to remove all the organic material. Dry sweep, scrap or mop the surfaces entirely to make the subsequent steps more comfortable. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly to reach the tough entrapped dust in between the layers of fabric. There is a myriad of stain removers available on the market. Choose carefully as the stuff of your expensive rugs may get damaged by the use of harsh chemicals.

Step 2 – Wash the Surfaces

Ensure complete washing of the surfaces as a vigorous wash itself can clean up to 99% of microbes. For tiled surfaces, employing water sprays will help to clear off every speck of dirt. Although using hot water hastens the process, it’s better avoided by amateurs since the high temperature can cause burns.

Step 3 – Sanitise

After removing the dirt, dust and grease off the surfaces, the next step is to sanitise them. Knowing your cleaning materials’ concentration and composition will help you decide the products that work best on various surfaces. Read the labels for the chemical content before picking any cleaner for domestic use. It’s better to use the all-natural cleaning products for domestic purposes like those based on vinegar, tea tree oil and lime. Acetic acid present in vinegar is an excellent disinfectant. It efficiently eradicates grease, tackles virulent bacteria and also deodorises the surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide is another highly biodegradable antimicrobial agent that can be safely applied for household cleaning. After all, once the cleaning and disinfecting regimen is concluded, no one would like to breathe in air full of harsh and strong odours.

Step 4 – Let the Surface Dry

Allowing sufficient time to dry the space and surfaces is the next most essential step. Humidity and warm environment are the two most potent factors for the bacteria, viruses and fungi to grow and flourish. The hidden moisture in the tough to reach, constricted places hence renders them a safe habitat. Unless adequate time is invested in letting them dry, the disinfection process will not be accomplished. Ideally, 48 hours drying time should be allowed to reduce the microbial load of the environment to the minimum. For drying the space effectively, you may choose to
  • Switch on the room heaters to hasten the process.
  • Plan to clean your house in the daylight. Sunshine is the best natural deodoriser and disinfectant, so make the most of it.

Step 5 – Refer to the Checklist

Before you call it a day, make sure that all the target areas of the house – door knobs, switches, sinks, taps, dishwasher, oven, BBQ, carpets etc. are inspected by you. Give special attention to the kitchen and bathroom to sustain a healthy environment. Being watchful of the most vulnerable areas is necessary to provide a haven for yourself and your loved ones.


It is crucial to create a sound cleaning strategy well in advance depending upon the estimated time taken to clean each of the rooms. It will help you target the essential areas of the house. On an off chance, if you are running short on time and don’t want to stress yourself with the tedious cleaning chores, you have help at hand. Hiring expert cleaners in Melbourne will help you disinfect your space flawlessly. They also happily customise their services according to your individual cleaning needs. The most dependable certified company, Bond Cleaning in Melbourne, utilises advanced equipment, tools and techniques to keep you safe, stress-free and assured of the outcome.