How To Get The Motivation To Clean Your House?

How To Get The Motivation To Clean Your House?

By : angila
A study found that 31% of Australians clean their home only after three weeks or more. This irregular cleaning schedule could be due to a lack of motivation and a busy lifestyle. It can be tough to pick up that broom and mop and scrub your home when you have zero interest.

But with a few helpful tips by bond cleaning experts in Melbourne, you can slowly get back into a proper house cleaning routine. You should first see the reasons behind your lack of motivation and then work on overcoming them.

Reasons Why You Feel Less Motivated To Clean

  • The most common reason you might feel less motivated to clean is that you might be bored with the same daily tasks. You should overcome this by making your cleaning routine more fun and interesting by putting on some music, playing a podcast or switching on a show. You can also change your cleaning pattern by tackling different rooms on different days or cleaning one similar area in each room.
  • Another reason you don’t feel motivated to clean could be how big the task is. You might get stressed about handling such a big cleaning task and avoid it altogether. The best solution is to break down your big tasks into more minor chores so that you can tackle them one by one and avoid getting stressed out.
  • Lastly, one of the main reasons for a lack of motivation is a jam-packed work and home life. When you are exhausted at the end of the day, it is tough to convince yourself to clean your home. In such cases, it is better to let expert bond cleaners in Melbourne handle these cleaning tasks. These professionals will spruce up your space so you come home daily to a neat and clean abode.
  • How To Get Motivated To Clean

    Now that you have identified the reasons for your lack of motivation, you can overcome them with these helpful suggestions:

    1. Find Your Reason To Clean

    The best way to get started and stay motivated is to find a purpose for cleaning your home. It can range from getting rid of clutter to keeping your home germ-free, neat, and tidy. You might also feel more inspired when you have guests coming over.

    According to a study, 93% of people will clean their homes when they know a guest is coming over. So, invite your friends and family home and find your reason to clean.

    Important Tip

    You must make sure that the reason you clean your home is personal and not just because it is a chore. You must understand why cleaning your home is essential and how it can make it look much better. This will make cleaning your home more essential and less of a mundane task.

    2. Divide It Into Smaller Tasks

    According to a 2015 study, when you break down a task into smaller portions, it becomes easier to complete them. This is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to clean because these tasks are easier to finish and make you feel good and successful.

    You should deconstruct your cleaning tasks in the following ways: gather all your cleaning supplies, clean and disinfect one floor or surface, move to the other surface the next day and so on.

    3. Start With Just 10 Minutes

    Along with breaking down tasks, you should also start with just 10 minutes of cleaning every day. This will help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed as you only have to spend ten minutes cleaning daily.

    Once you get back into the cleaning regime, you can slowly increase your time to twenty minutes, then half an hour, and so on. On some days, if all you can manage is ten minutes, you will feel like you have accomplished something.

    4. Reward Yourself

    Now that you have found your motivation to clean, you must also ensure you stay motivated. One of the best ways to do this is by rewarding yourself after you complete a task.

    When you feel you have finished a task, stand back and look at what you accomplished. Then reward yourself with a small celebratory rest or enjoy a hot tea or cold drink. Once you feel good about completing your tasks, you will be more inspired to keep going and maintain your cleaning regime.

    5. Get Some Help

    In situations when you are too burned out or tired or cannot get yourself to clean your home, you should get some professional help. You can always hire cleaners who offer professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne and ensure that each corner of your home is neat. They will ensure that your home is properly cleaned and sanitised so that it is dust, germ-free, and neat.


    Cleaning your home can be quite stressful and mundane. But with the above helpful tips, you can change and reorganise your cleaning schedule to feel motivated again. Once you accomplish your tasks in small steps, you will feel better about cleaning your home and want to get back into cleaning mode.