How To Get Your Rental Bond Money Back In Melbourne?

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How To Get Your Rental Bond Money Back In Melbourne?

By : angila
Tenants coming to the end of their tenancy and are looking to move on want to get their bond money back. Before you leave the rental premises, you need to contact your landlord or property manager to arrange a final inspection. This is where your landlord thoroughly inspects the property and sees if there is any damage, leakage, dust, dirt or grease within the premises.If the landlord is not happy with the condition of the premises, he has the right to hold back a part of your bond money. This means deep cleaning of the rental apartment is imperative if you really want to secure your deposited money. The best thing you can do is to hire a trained professional for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will clean the rental premises according to the approved checklist to impress your landlord or property manager. They usually provide the services with a 100 % Bond Back Guarantee. So, make sure you make the right choice while looking for the bond cleaning company in Melbourne. However, there are certain situations where your fussy landlord can hold back a portion of your security deposit. Fortunately, we’ve got some brilliant tips that will help you save your bond money without any dispute. So, let’s get started!

1. Cross-check your Initial Condition Report

This is an important step before applying for a bond return. You need to find the condition report provided to you when you signed the lease agreement. This will help you identify the condition of the leased apartment or house now compared to when you initially agreed upon the agreement. Since your property manager will be using the same report while inspecting the property, you can fix the issues and clean the house accordingly. It is good to take the report room by room and jot down the problem areas so that you can return the property in the original state before the inspection. Don’t forget to include front and back yard, patio area, garage and other dirty areas in and around your rental premises in Melbourne.

2. Fix the Property Damages ASAP

This is the best time to repair all the cracks on the walls and wear and tear. Look for the rising dampness and fix it before the property inspection by your landlord. Also, check and repair the following:
  • Switch all the lights on and off so that you can change the fuse bulb or fix any loose cable.
  • Check for the water leaks and clogged drains in your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Clean the drainage system with the assistance of professionals.
  • Check for creaks on your floorboards and get them fixed as quickly as possible.
Tip: Make a list of all the damages within your rental apartment and if your property manager asks you to pay to repair or replace these items, do it before the final inspection to secure your bond money.

3. Update about your move out to your Landlord

According to the Tenancy Act, you have to provide the notice to vacate before the end of your lease period. Inform about the end of your lease period at least one month prior to your move out so that your landlord can look for new tenants. If you fail in doing so, a landlord has the right to hold a part of your bond money. So update them in advance – at least a month before your final move.

4. Bring Professional End of Lease Cleaners

Most of the tenants lose their bond money because of half-baked cleaning. If you want to impress your landlord, make sure you clean the premises from top to bottom- leaving no signs of stains, spots and grease. This is where the professional end of lease cleaners comes into play. You can hire trained and dedicated cleaners who have years of experience in cleaning the rental premises according to the pre-approved checklist. Plus, they are well aware of the landlord’s expectations, which help you get the full bond money back without any stress. Make sure your hired cleaning team cleaning the following areas according to the checklist:
General Cleaning
  • Clean the ceiling fan, blades, air conditioner filters, vents and ducts.
  • Remove cobwebs, insect marks and dust from walls, light fittings, fixtures and picture frames
  • Clean switchboards, windows, blinds and curtains
  • Remove grease and grime from doors
  • Vacuum Clean the Carpet
  • Mop the floors
Kitchen Cleaning
  • Clean the cupboards, drawers and doors.
  • Remove dust inside, outside and around the knobs, stove top and range hoods.
  • Remove grease from oven, microwave, racks, doors, trays, etc.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances
  • Underneath the heavy appliances like refrigerator, oven, dishwashing machine etc.
  • Deep clean kitchen countertops
  • Clean and sanitise sink and faucets
  • Remove dust from exhaust fan filters
  • Unclog the drain holes
  • Spruce up and polish splash back area.
  • Mop the hard floors.
Bathroom Cleaning
  • Deep-clean exhaust fans
  • Clean inside and outside drawers and cupboards
  • Remove rust stains toilet, around the toilet seat and behind the flush tank.
  • Scrub off shower head, recess and bathtub to remove soap scum
  • Deep clean the tiles to remove mould and mildews.
  • Clean and disinfect sink, faucets and towel rails
  • Clean windows, mirrors, window tracks and floors.
Laundry Room Cleaning
  • Clean the cupboards and drawers
  • Get rid of dust behind washing machine and dryer
  • Clean laundry tub, shelves, cabinets and tap ware.
  • Clean the filters of your washing machine
  • Clean walls, windows, doors and floors.
Other Areas
  • Sweep floors from garage and patio areas.
Tip: Make sure you hire a bond cleaning company that can treat tough stains, built-up grease and grime from surfaces using eco-friendly cleaning products.

5. Remove your Personal Belongings

Many tenants believe that they can leave unnecessary belongings that no longer needed. But being a tenant, you have to remove all the personal belongings before the final inspection if you want to secure your bond money. You may be thinking that leaving table or drawers behind could benefit the next tenant; your property manager may disagree. So, be aware of this and get rid of unwanted items before moving out of rental premises.

6. Attend the Property Inspection

When your landlord comes for the inspection of the rental premises, don’t forget to attend it. You can also bring a bucket, a scrubber or a microfiber cloth so that you can clean the dirty areas immediately. In case if you have hired professional cleaners, then you can leave this situation to them. They can also attend the inspection on your behalf and ensure the full return of your security deposit without giving you a hint of stress. So be calm and composed throughout the inspection phase!


These are some of the key tips that will help you secure the full bond money after the final inspection of the property. Being a tenant, you need to return the premises in its original state. So, make sure you hire professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Also, follow these tips carefully because this could help you get your full security deposit back with ease.