How To Get Your Teenagers To Clean Their Room

A Teenage girl collecting dirt in room with help of brush and dust pan

How To Get Your Teenagers To Clean Their Room

By : angila
Being a parent, you may wonder how you ended up in the role of a household drudge to your royal and stubborn kids. According to some recent studies, most parents in Melbourne don’t want to involve their teens in household chores because they need to put extra effort to supervise them.Instead of involving them or getting into the arguments, they prefer it doing all cleaning tasks themselves efficiently. However, this notion needs to be changed for the betterment of your teenagers. Those who don’t give their teens cleaning tasks at home are slowing down their development. Teenagers should be given chores as it helps in developing their caring attitude and also keep them organised for their entire life. Apart from this, sharing housework also helps families to work better, which in turn, helps in reducing cleaning stress. When children get into the process, they actually enjoy it and do a better job than parents. You can help them in learning basic cleaning skills so that they can voluntarily assist you during an end of lease cleaning chores as well. They can clean up their room and organise everything before hired professionals come to your rental premises for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. But the real struggle arises when teenagers don’t find a good reason to get into the cleaning routine. If you really want them to participate in the household chores and keep their rooms clean, then have a look at the following tricks.

1. Give Them a Real Example

You can’t expect your teenager to even think about cleaning their room when the entire house or any other area under your department is untidy. If you really want them to clean up their room on a regular basis, then set an example. Inspire them by keeping all the rooms and the kitchen clean. Maintain the cleanliness aspect and help them to learn the basic cleaning routine so that they can do the simple chores like making their bed, removing dust and grime from table and floors, wipe down windows and doors, organising their wardrobe. In case you are heading for the end of tenancy, share the cleaning checklist with them to help them know the tasks to be performed.

2. Set Realistic Goals for Them

Telling your teen they need to spruce up their room before they leave home in 10 minutes is like setting an unrealistic goal. Instead, sit with them and make the cleaning chores convenient according to their schedule. Let the teenager make an effort to get into the cleaning process – from stripping their bed sheets to wiping down surfaces, putting away their dirty clothes to organising their entire room. Quick Tip: Let them play their favourite music to make the whole process of house maintenance more fun and engaging. Allow them to enjoy the cleaning time as this can also reduce the stress level.

3. Create Routines for Cleaning Chores

Household chores can become habits when you do them every day or every week. When your children are at home, let them hung up their coats before getting into their room. Also, allow them to wash their dishes after every meal. This way, you can create routine and involve in your day-to-day cleaning activities. With older teens, you can hold a family meeting and get their assistance by deciding how to divide chores fairly. Ask them when is the best time during the week to do cleaning chores? Put them in charge of creating a list of things that need to be done when it comes to cleaning their room. Tip: For thorough cleaning of your home, you can hire trained cleaners in Melbourne. They can clean the entire house from top to bottom with perfection.

4. Define your Cleaning Expectations Clearly

You can’t let your teens skip the major cleaning chores when they get into the process. For this, you need to define your expectations clearly when it comes to cleaning the room thoroughly. You can start by putting a dustbin in the middle of the room, provide them with all the necessary cleaning equipment or place a laundry basket in the room so that they can start the process accordingly. In the beginning, you can work along with them. Enlighten them about the importance of cleaning as it is necessary to get rid of germs and bacteria, which can cause infections and harmful diseases. Teach them how to get started and let them know the right technique of using the vacuum cleaner or any other gadget. This will engage them and create a sense of responsibility.

5. Give them Some Flexibility

Of course, it’s your home, and you want it to be as clean as possible. You can expect their room to be spruced up and kept according to your standards, but you can give them the flexibility to control other aspects of their room. Allow them to choose their posters, bed sheets, paint and other decor stuff so that they can feel more comfortable and responsible. You can also let them rearrange their furniture- after all its their space.

5. Give them Their Privacy

All teenagers need their privacy, and you should give them. Instead of poking them all the time, you should provide them with space and have a little faith that they will keep their room clean and organised. Discuss everything in advance, set a cleaning routine and assign them tasks accordingly so that they can always stay on task without your interruption. Tip: You should always remember that every young kid or a teenager is capable of contributing to necessary cleaning tasks such as keeping their room tidy and organised.
Involving teenagers in household chores, especially in keeping their room clean and organised, is quite a tough job. Majority of parents want their teens to get into a habit of cleaning their room by putting away dirty clothes; changing their bed sheets or wiping down surfaces daily. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you can get your preteens and teens to clean their rooms with perfection. If you are moving out of a rental home and want to secure your bond money, then hire professionals for attention to detail end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Professionals can make your premises look sparkling again before the final inspection.