How To Guarantee 100% Bond Back When Vacating Rental Property

young couple preparing their rental house for the final inspection

How To Guarantee 100% Bond Back When Vacating Rental Property

By : angila
Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in Australia. It is best known for its coffee culture, vibrant nightlife, luxurious skyscrapers, busy market streets, a thriving economy and much more. The capital city of Victoria is an ideal place to live, study and raise a family. People living in the capital cities are increased by 1.8 per cent while the population of Greater Melbourne increased by 2.3 per cent to reach 5.08 million. Every year, thousands of people move to this beautiful city with their family. They prefer living in rental apartments and homes because they are affordable as compared to buying homes in the hotspots. The demand for rental properties has been increasing with each passing year. According to the Residential Tenancies Laws in Victoria, a tenant has to maintain the property throughout the lease. If you are a tenant or renter and vacating the rental property, make sure you read all the laws and responsibilities in order to secure you 100 % bond amount.

What is a Bond?

A bond or security deposit is a sum of money paid to the landlord or property manager at the start of your lease. According to the law, when your landlord asks you to pay a bond amount, then it must be held by the bond authority until your lease ends. This means landlords have a right to hold back a part of your bond money if you return the property in a dirty or damaged condition. That’s why most tenants prefer hiring seasoned professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will take care of your cleaning needs and perform their jobs according to the REVIC-approved checklist. However, you need to understand your role and responsibility as a tenant in order to get the 100 % bond back at the end of your lease. Apart from cleaning, make sure you fix the damages (done by you), clear all the outstanding bills, notify your landlord at least a month before the tenancy ends and claim the bond amount as per the laws. Here is a complete guide that will guarantee 100 % bond back at the end of your tenancy:

1. Go Through Your Lease Agreement Carefully

It is important to thoroughly read all your roles, responsibilities, conditions and other important aspects before signing the lease agreement. This will help you at the end of your tenancy. It might say that you have to clean the ceiling walls or window inside and out before handing over the property. So, it is good to check all your obligations before living in a rental property. According to the lease agreement, a tenant has to return the property in an orderly condition to get the bond amount back. There are some other conditions that you need to fulfill at the end of your lease. So, read it again before vacating the rental apartment.

2. Fix Property Damages

If you break the main door or a window, then fix it as soon as possible. According to the agreement, you have to maintain the property throughout your lease. Let your landlord know everything about the damages and fix them as soon as possible. Make sure you inspect the apartment at least a week before the final inspection and fix the leaking taps, pipes and broken doors and windows immediately. This will take you close to your bond money.

3. Clear all Outstanding Payments

Sometimes, tenants forget to pay rent or electricity on time. So, make sure you clear all the bills before the final move out. If you have outstanding bills, then the landlord can deduct the amount from your bond at the end of your lease.

4. Give a Notice that You Will be Leaving

If you break the tenancy early and haven’t paid the fee, you might not get the full bond money back. So, it is good to notify your landlord within a given timeline mentioned in your agreement.

5. Perform a Thorough End of Lease Cleaning

Don’t leave anything to the last minute, especially cleaning. Make sure you deep clean every nook and cranny of the premises from top to bottom according to the standard checklist. Most landlords hold back a part of your bond amount if you perform half-baked cleaning. From windows to doors, ceiling fans to kitchen countertops, bathroom walls to a patio area, the end of lease cleaning includes everything in a detailed way. If you want to get your bond money back without any dispute, then hire professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne who can assist you in deep sprucing up process. They will carry out the job according to the REIVIC-approved checklist. A checklist includes all rooms, such as a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, a laundry room, balcony area, windows inside and out (if reachable) and garage walls. Professionals will clean everything hidden areas and important spots to impress your landlord with the cleaning results.

6. Do not Lose Keys

Losing keys means losing the bond amount. So, make sure you return all sets of keys that were handed over at the beginning of your lease. If you lose any, you need to prepare a spare one as soon as possible.

How to Claim the Bond?

At the end of the lease, tenants may receive all or a part of the bond money. In some cases, the landlord or property manager may want to claim the money from the bond to cover any damage to the property, or hire a professional cleaner if you hand over a dirty property and deduct the money from your bond. Also, you can’t pay the final rent using the bond money. You have to pay it separately. You may be fined for treating any part of the bond as rent. Always remember that the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) keeps all Victorian residential tenancy bonds. Make sure the landlord agrees upon the condition after inspecting the property so that you can claim your bond back on time. The bond claim should be submitted to the Residential Bond Authority and it must include the agreed bond amount for both tenants and landlords. After the agreement on the claim, the RTBA will deposit the money into the nominated bank within 2 days. You will get a message or SMS regarding this. You can also generate the bond claim form online by searching your bond details. Make sure you select ‘refund this bond’, and you will get the deposited money back without any dispute. If your landlord is not returning the full bond amount, you can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Make sure you fill the application form to resolve the rental dispute. It is important to follow all the information and fill the details properly if you want to get your full bond money back.


Getting the 100 % bond amount at the end of the tenancy depends on various factors. Make sure you fix the property damages, thoroughly perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, notifying the landlord about the final move out, not losing the keys and much more. With the help of the professional, you can minimise the chances of rental disputes and pass the final inspection with ease.