How To Keep Your House Smelling Clean With Pets?

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How To Keep Your House Smelling Clean With Pets?

By : angila
Pets bring joy, happiness, and contentment in your life. They provide companionship and emotional support. According to a national survey by the Animal Medicines Australia, 61% of Australian households have over 29 million pets (approximately).

However, keeping a pet is a significant responsibility and has its challenges. With pets at home, keeping your abode clean and fresh at all times is difficult for most owners. Besides giving pets regular baths and good grooming, there are a host of things one has to do for maintaining hygiene.

Tenants with pets need to keep rental properties clean and in good condition to get their rental bond refund. Most hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne who specialise in cleaning rented properties inhabited by pets.

Professionals can come and deep clean your property whenever required, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for regular cleaning to make your house smell fresh. Here are some tips by professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne on how to keep your house smelling clean with pets.

Clean Floors Daily

Pets shed fur and dander, which can lead to odour in your house. One of the best ways to remove pet smells is to ensure you sweep and mop hard floors daily. Please don’t use a vacuum cleaner because it can get clogged with hair.

With a microfiber sweeper or a broom collect the fur, dander, and other debris from the floor first then mop the floors. Make sure you use a pet-friendly cleaner to make the mopping solution to prevent your pet from getting sick or uncomfortable.

Note: People with multiple pets may have to sweep and mop certain areas more than once a day. Therefore, keeping cleaning supplies on hand would be beneficial.

Deodorise and Sanitise With Baking Soda

Sanitise your home without using harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause discomfort to household members and pets. Use baking soda to clean and deodorise any surface or area of your home to get rid of pet odour. Many professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne use organic and non-toxic products to remove odours.

You can sprinkle this versatile cleaner on carpets, upholsteries, rugs, floors, and other things where your pet frequently sits. Let the powder absorb the odour along with dirt and grime for at least 30 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum to collect the baking soda plus other debris and you will have a clean and sanitised area.

Note: Before you sprinkle the powder on a surface, dust or sweep it to remove anything that can get stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

Add Essential Oils to Cleaning Solutions

A trade secret many professional end of lease cleaners never disclose is adding essential oils to cleaning solutions that keep any property smelling fantastic hours after cleaning. For pet owners, this tip is useful because their homes have pet odour.

For cleaning, sanitising, mopping etc., you can add 10-15 drops of essential oils of your choice to make your home smell excellent all the time. You can also make a DIY natural cleaner by mixing water, baking soda, a mild soap (liquid), and essential oil. Mix everything thoroughly, and you will have a pet-friendly cleaner.

Wash Pet Beddings, Blankets, and other Belongings Regularly

Launder your pet’s bed covers, sheets, blankets, area rugs, etc. every week to prevent them from making the house smell terrible. Additionally, wash your pet’s toys, utensils, and grooming accessories every few days to keep bacteria from growing and making these things emit a bad odour.

While washing your pet’s belongings, use natural soaps and detergents that don’t irritate your pet’s sensitive nose, eyes, and respiratory tracks. Castile soap is an organic and non-toxic product suitable for cleaning and washing different types of things. Even professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne use such products to wash surfaces and objects safely.

Clean Carpets As Frequently As Possible

Carpets are known to absorb pet odour, and dirty ones can be a major reason behind your house smelling bad. These fixtures can entrap fur, dander, and other contaminants your pet brings in the home making it necessary to sanitise them as frequently as possible.

For extremely dirty and heavily soiled carpets, the best option is to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to sanitise them. Alternately, you can do the following.

  • Divide the carpets into four quadrants and brush them using a napping brush
  • Collect pet hair with a rubber squeegee or glove
  • Vacuum carpets regularly, and to remove the smell, sprinkle baking soda before vacuuming
  • Get an area rug or mat for your pet’s favourite places to sit

Wrapping Up

Often pet owners don’t realise their homes smell due to repeated exposure to the odours. But, when guests arrive, the smell can put a bad impression. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above to sanitise your home and make it smell fresh all the time.

Besides these tips, for people living in rented properties, it is best to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to clean and disinfect the house to increase your chances of getting your bond back.