How to Make Spring Cleaning Easier than Ever?

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How to Make Spring Cleaning Easier than Ever?

By : angila
A clean home is a happy home. Since the cleaning tasks are arduous, most of the people end up procrastinating them. Spring is around the corner now – the nature is blooming, days are longer and warmer, and the atmosphere is brimming with positive energy.What could be a better time than spring to hire a cleaning company in Melbourne for deep cleaning every nook and cranny of your house? On an off chance, if you’re planning to give the interiors a fresh start on your own, take a convenient route to ensure you don’t miss a spot.

Follow these simple tricks to transform the appearance of your house without using much elbow grease.

1. Plan and prepare

The tasks involved in spring cleaning are elaborate. So, try to enlist them first. Take enough time to determine all the aspects entailed in the cleaning process, as it is different than the regular cleaning of your house. Set aside a weekend to make it a more rewarding experience.

In general, a top to bottom approach should be applied to cleaning. It means that you start with the fans, wardrobes, plants and windowsills etc. turn to the upholstery and furniture later, and finish the floors last.

2. De-clutter and purge

Spring clean is the best time to organise yourself. A de-cluttered space will allow more sunshine and enhance the influx of life energy. So, purge and purge more. Getting rid of the surplus from the house is worth more than what you’d imagine in maintaining the clean environment in your home.

Sort out the old stuff, skim through the closets, halls and pantry, and toss the unnecessary items. What’s more? On your subsequent steps, you will realise that cleaning an organised house in Melbourne is much simpler.

3. Choose the appropriate cleaning supplies

Spring is the time to detoxify your home and disinfect. Don’t expose yourself to harsh chemical fumes and products – choose green instead. The prominent cleaning companies in Melbourne swear by the use of all-natural products for cleaning.

For domestic use, you too should rely only on the planet-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions. Using everyday household materials like baking soda, distilled vinegar, lime, coconut oil etc. will leave the area gleaming in addition to smelling fresh and fragrant.

4. Select the right equipment

Employ a steam cleaner to deep clean the surfaces naturally and chemical-free. The hot vapour not just dissolves the dirt flawlessly but also works wonders in sanitising the surfaces.

You would additionally require a high-quality vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom of furniture, the cobwebs, the crevices and other difficult to reach areas. It effectively suctions out the allergens, dust mites, dirt and the grime embedded in the tight layers of the fabric.

Keep the essential cleaning tools like the dustpan, brush, mop, microfiber cloths, a feather duster, and cleaning sponges handy as single cleaning device and agent will not suffice for all surfaces.

5. Freshen up the carpets

The place that inhabits the nastiest of germs and allergens in your house is probably the carpets. The everyday spillages, dust and hair tangled in the stuff are home to several contaminants like moulds, bacteria and mildews. Also, if you have pets, it is vital to get rid of pet hair from your carpet.

The materials are delicate, and you don’t want them to discolour or spoil. It is hence crucial to carry a patch test and proceed once you’re sure. In case you don’t want to take the risk of cleaning the valuable articles yourself, rely on the professional cleaning companies in Melbourne who come equipped with the appropriate supplies and techniques.

6. Clean the kitchen and bathrooms

Follow this routine to deep clean the bathroom and your kitchen:

  • Begin by dusting the fixtures and remove the cobwebs, if any.
  • Clean the bathtubs, drains, sinks, shower heads and toilets.
  • Wipe the mirrors and the glass surfaces with a lemon oil soaked cloth.
  • Scrub the tile work and grout and give special attention to the corners that tend to have the worst mildew built up.
  • Dust off the mats and wipe the shower curtains.
  • Scour off the grease and grime accumulated on the oven, BBQ, stove top, refrigerator, dishwasher and other appliances.
  • Sanitise them with the help of household disinfectants like vinegar and baking soda.
  • Mop the counters and cabinets from the interior and exterior.
7. Clear the windows and glass doors

It’s spring, and you fancy that more and more sunshine were entering your home. Wash off any speck of dust or fingerprints from the windows with the help of a soft and damp cloth. Use a window wiper or vacuum to ascertain that no oil residue remains put. Rub some cleaning solution on the window frames and window sills and wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.

8. Mop the floors

Vacuum or sweep the crumbs, dust and loose dirt off the floors and progress to the wet mopping. Move the furniture and wardrobes to clear the concealed sites thoroughly. Spring cleaning in Melbourne can’t be accomplished without special care to these hidden places as they are the centre of maximum filth. Finally, launder the rugs and finish by cleaning the staircase and driveway.


Once you achieve the intense cleaning of your home, spray some DIY home-made air freshener in each of the corners. The fragrance will uplift the mood instantly and give you a sense of fulfilment.

The most reputable cleaning companies like Bond Cleaning in Melbourne understand the sentiments around spring cleaning of your house. They extend unmatched services at competitive prices and ensure that your home cleaning is delivered with satisfaction.