How to Make Your Studio Apartment the Envy of Your Street in Melbourne!

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How to Make Your Studio Apartment the Envy of Your Street in Melbourne!

By : angila
With the higher cost of living in Melbourne, Studio Apartments are one of those ideal residential developments that can fit best into your budget. If you are new in the city and want something real, affordable and comfortable, then make your way towards these apartments.Of course, they are small, dingy and cramped up, but you can use creative ideas to transform it into a spacious and beautiful living space. If you are shifting from rental premises to the studio apartment, then don’t forget to hire professionally-trained end of lease cleaning experts in Melbourne for the sake of your bond money.

Let experts clean your entire premises – from top to bottom so that you can smoothly shift to your new residence along with your full bond money.

Once you’ve moved into your studio apartment, clear all the mess and create more space using the following guide:

1. Make More Space

Instead of stuffing items in your studio apartment, it is good to de-clutter the house to get rid of unnecessary items. This will help you remove excess stuff and make your home look cleaner and tidier.

So, it is good to make a list of items that you need in your tiny apartment and bring only those belongings that can make your home look more prominent. For example, you can creatively use home décor items and purge out that are not beneficial to you. This may sound challenging, but you can easily achieve it with proper planning and management.

Tip: For thorough cleaning of your house, hire professional cleaners in Melbourne. They come fully-equipped with modern-age technologies and non-toxic products to deliver you exceptional service at the best price.

2. Create a Rough Layout

The right positioning of furniture in a small studio apartment can be a tough job for you. If you really want to ramp up your apartment, then create a rough layout and increase floor spacing. For this, you will have to create a layout for your furniture and find out different positions before actually fixing them practically. Try to find the perfect place for all your furniture.

It will be good to take some time out and identify the right balance to make your home look aesthetically-beautiful.

3. Pop-up your Living Space

No matter how big or small is your home; it should reflect your personality. Bring some creativity to your ideas and decorate your small and cramped up apartment to make it look classy and chic.

Well, you can pop your living space by bringing contrasting colours and different textures of upholstery. Of course, neutral tones look beautiful, but sometimes bright and contrasting colours add visual treat when anyone enters the home.

You can also play with the colours of sofa cushions and make it more visually appealing. In simple terms, your goal is to make your studio apartment bold enough to catch everyone’s eye.

4. Use Hidden Spaces

Make the most out of your bare walls behind your front door, corner spaces and other hidden areas in your home. Utilise these spaces by storing cleaning appliances, jackets, raincoat and shoes to create more space.

Also, install overhead cabinets to put knickknacks, jewellery and other items. This will also make your studio apartment look clutter-free. With these small changes, you can enhance the overall look and feel of your cramped up apartment in Melbourne.

5. Personalise the Way you Want

From upholstery to décor, everything you pick for your studio apartment should be customised to fit your needs best. Try to be unique and stay true to your style and creative ideas. You can also put a bit effort to make your studio apartment the envy of your street in Melbourne.

Engage yourself in DIY home decoration activities. Add more class by handing antique artworks by local artists in Melbourne. Use bold colours to define your walls and make it look popped-up.

Make sure you do everything within your estimated budget. If you are running under a financial crunch, then invest in double-duty furniture. It can maximise storage space without even taking up excess room in your small apartment.

6. Install Small Indoor Plants

Come closer to nature by installing tiny indoor plants in your living space. This will freshen up the indoor air and enhance the overall look of your apartment. When you add plants in your home, it will automatically boost aesthetics.

Since there is a wide variety of indoor plants species to pick from, make sure you choose the best plants for your small living space. Here is the list of houseplants you can find all around Melbourne, Victoria:

Fiddle Leaf Fig: It is one of the most popular indoor plants in Melbourne. It looks gorgeous and takes a little space in your studio apartment.

String of Pearls: This is a photogenic plant which requires indirect sunlight, and of course, well-drained soil.

Rubber Plant: They will grow huge but stay small. They can be your perfect natural home décor.

Calathea: This elegant plant needs distilled water and regular fertilisation. So, if you love gardening, keep Calathea in your list.

Monstera Deliciosa: It grows in a small pot and beautifully enhances the greenery inside the home.

Devil’s Ivy: It could be a unique addition to any indoor plant collection. It is small, cute and beautiful.

Mother in Law’s Tongue: One of the popular home décor plants that looks beautiful.

Haworthiopsis Fasciasta: Also known as the Zebra Plant. Install it on windowsill as it doesn’t require regular watering.

7. Make a Use of Walk-in Closet

If your studio apartment has limited storage options, then think something creative. Well, you can install a walk-in closet, which would be a slim yet deep one. This will make it easy for you to store items and also create more space.


Enhancing the beauty and creating more space into a studio apartment needs innovative home décor ideas. It can be challenging for you to amplify the overall design of your small and cramped up apartment in Melbourne. But with the help of these tricks, you can transform your studio apartment into a more spacious and visually-appealing living space.

If you are planning to move out of your leased premises, then look for the best end of lease cleaning experts in Melbourne. They know how to spruce up the entire property from top to bottom so that you can get your full bond money back.