How to Prevent Rust Spots in Your Shower?

How to Prevent Rust Spots in Your Shower?

By : angila

Rust stains in the shower area are common because the fixtures are constant exposure to moisture, hard water and iron-oxidising bacteria. Rust can develop on drain openings, rails of shower glass, shower heads, faucets and other spots. It primarily happens when an area has extremely hard water laden with minerals that erode the surface protection of stainless steel, chrome and other metals.

Moreover, dents, cracks and blisters in metal finishings make them more susceptible to rusting. You can lose your rental bond if your shower area has severe rust due to poor maintenance and cleaning. You can hire professionals for cleaning service in Melbourne, but even they cannot restore shine to heavily corroded or damaged fixtures.

Therefore, be proactive and prevent rust spots in your shower with the following tips.

How Corrosion of Metals Occurs?

Corrosion of metals is an electrochemical reaction primarily due to environmental circumstances when acidic substances and water contact metals. It is a type of oxidation that occurs when iron particles are constantly exposed to oxygen and moisture. The iron particles get eroded by the acidic electrolytes of water even if the moisture is in the form of vapours, humidity or immersion.

When iron particles oxide, it releases two electrons, which rise to the surface of the metal and form hydroxyl ions (OH). These ions react with the oxidised iron particles to make hydrous iron oxide, commonly known as rust. Since environmental factors entirely influence rusting, it can happen at any rate, meaning you can prevent rusting or slow down its formation by taking certain measures.

Tips for Preventing Rust Spots in Your Shower

One of the most effective methods for preventing this is to install a water-softening system in your bathroom. It can reduce the hardness of water and mitigate the issue of metal surfaces, particularly iron ones, getting exposed to iron-oxidising bacteria.

However, if you cannot install the system, here are expert tips for cleaning and preventing rust spots in your shower. Have a look.

Treat Rust With Natural Cleaners

Before you reach for commercial cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and dangerous volatile organic compounds, try to remove rust from shower fixtures with the following natural cleaners.

  • Mix white vinegar and warm water in equal proportions in a spray bottle and apply on the rusty areas. Let it dwell for at least 10 minutes, then scrub it with a firm-bristled brush. Make short circles while scrubbing to agitate rust deposits on the fixtures. It is how professionals get good results while performing end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Mix baking soda with water to make a runny paste and clean rust shower spots. Baking soda is abrasive and reacts with iron and other water-soluble minerals to dissolve rust and create an alkaline solution. Therefore, remove layers of thin rust on bathtubs, drain rims, faucets and other areas by applying baking soda paste, scrubbing with a sponge and washing with warm water.
  • Using DIY natural cleaners is better than chemicals because they remove rust and prevent its build-up again.

    Dry Shower Fixtures

    Develop the habit of wiping the shower head, handles, faucets, glass frames/tracks and other metal fixtures. Do it every time you shower, or the spots get wet because moisture is the prime reason rust spots appear in your shower. You can use a terry or microfiber towel to ensure the surfaces remain dry. Additionally, ventilate the room by turning on the exhaust fan and opening the bathroom door and windows.

    Clean with Barkeeper’s Friend

    Barkeeper’s Friend is a versatile cleaner that can tackle grime, dirt, stubborn build-up and even rust from almost any surface in your home. It is an excellent cleaner because its main ingredient is oxalic acid, a natural compound that attacks rust on a molecular level and breaks its bond.

    Therefore, it is suitable for removing rust from spots in your shower. All you need to do is wet the rusty area, apply the cleaner and scrub gently until the rust is clear. Wash the product and residue thoroughly, and always wear gloves when cleaning with oxalic acid or products containing the ingredient.

    Get Anti-rust Spray

    Besides keeping shower surfaces and fixtures dry and clean at all times, spraying anti-rust is another measure to prevent rust in this area.

    Since rust is a common problem affecting bathroom accessories the most, you must invest in a good anti-rust spray to prevent them from losing their shine. The product can also help prolong the shelf-life of the fixtures by keeping them rust-free.


    Rust on bathroom accessories and surfaces, especially the ones that constantly get damp with moisture and water, is common. Therefore, use the tips above to prevent the formation of iron or other metal oxides and treat rust spots like a pro.

    Also, seek the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to deep clean your rental property and get your bond back in full.