How To Speed Clean Your Home Like A Professional

How To Speed Clean Your Home Like A Professional

By : angila
Do you often spend too much time cleaning and scrubbing your home? To ensure you save time on your cleaning routine and keep your home neat, you need to speed-clean like a professional. For instance, end of lease cleaning Melbourne services do an intensive cleaning of all corners of your home at the end of your tenancy within the stipulated time so that you can get your bond back. Since these expert and well-trained cleaners follow a schedule, plan their cleaning, organise their tools and adopt cleaning hacks, they can finish the job quickly. Here are some tips to help you also clean up your home fast like a professional:  Tips To Speed-Clean Your Home Like A Professional

Clean In A Systematic And Planned Manner

You must start by creating a plan and system to clean your home so you can move in an organised fashion. First, you should decide which room to start with and deep-clean one room before moving on to the next. You should also start and finish at the same point in the room so that you are not going back and forth. Once you adopt this system and make it part of your routine, cleaning all areas of your home will be easier and quicker.

Keep All Your Cleaning Tools Together

Once you have a routine, organising your cleaning tools and solutions is important. End-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne also suggest using more multipurpose tools like microfiber cloths and magic erasers to help clean up multiple spots and areas. You should keep all these cleaning tools together in a large tote or basket or use a bucket or cleaning caddy so that you do not have to keep running back and forth. Tip: Use the following tips to prepare your own DIY all-purpose cleaner.

Move From Top To Bottom And Left To Right

One of the fastest ways to clean your home is to ensure you are not cleaning an area twice. To do this, you must move from left to right and from top to bottom to cover every corner only once. For instance, you should start dusting your ceiling fans and light fixtures so that you clean and vacuum the dust on the floor collectively.

Clean Problem Areas Regularly To Prevent Germs And Infections

It is a good idea also to find the problem areas in your home and clean them daily to prevent any buildup of germs and bacterial and viral infections. For instance, you should spray vinegar on your shower head and faucets after every use to prevent the buildup of limescale and mineral deposits. You can also use a squeegee in the shower and wipe away all the water and soap to prevent the buildup of soap scum.

Keep A Magic Eraser Handy For Scrubbing Multiple Areas

If you are in a hurry and need more time to clean your home, end-of-lease cleaning professionals in Melbourne recommend using a magic eraser. This gentle yet abrasive foam can wipe off dirt, stains and smudges from multiple surfaces and areas in your home. Use it to clean soap scum from your shower tracks, wipe down sinks and taps, clean marks and smudges off walls and remove food stains from your fridge. Tip: Here are some tips to help you clean with a white magic eraser.

Get Rid Of Mould And Mildew Before It Harms Your Health

Mould and mildew can build up over time on your ceilings and walls and cause a major health problem. Thus, using hydrogen peroxide is best to speed-clean and remove mould from your home. Spray the 3% solution onto your mould spores and leave it for 10 minutes to kill the fungus. You should wipe it off with a brush or cloth, but wear a mask to avoid inhaling or ingesting harmful spores. Tip: You can also prevent mould in your home by using a ventilator after every use or keeping your bathroom and kitchen windows open to dry the area.

Use Smart Cleaning Hacks To Get Rid Of Tough Stains

Lastly, here are some simple hacks by professional end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne that will help you cut down your cleaning time in half:
  • Use mineral oil to remove stains from stainless steel sinks
  • Wipe rust stains off with lemon juice and a brush
  • Use baking soda and water to brighten and clean grout
  • Keep more glycerine-based soaps in your bathroom as they dissolve faster and do not leave any soap scum
  • Wipe your windows in horizontal strokes with a squeegee to prevent streaks
  • Heat hot water in your microwave for a minute to loosen food debris and stains so that they are easier to remove
  • Always vacuum your carpets in a row to quickly clean up dust
  • You should also involve your family in the cleaning processand assign them different tasks to speed-clean your home


With the above cleaning tips, you can quickly spruce up your home and make it look shiny and new in no time. It is important that besides using these effective tips, you must hire professional cleaners to deep-clean your home occasionally to get that spotless look and make your home easier to maintain.