Is Professional or DIY Steam Cleaning Better For Your Carpet?

young woman vacuuming a carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Is Professional or DIY Steam Cleaning Better For Your Carpet?

By : angila
Clean and well-maintained carpets add elegance to a living space. It not only gives comfort to tired feet but also maintains indoor air quality. However, people often overlook the cleaning aspect of a delicate carpet and rug. Since they are loaded with dust particles, pollens, bacteria, germs and other debris, make sure you keep them cleaned on a regular basis. The accumulated dust can be treacherous for the health of your family. You can run a vacuum machine once or twice a week to get rid of collected dust, debris, pet hairs, dead skins and other loose contaminants. For thorough cleaning of the rental property, you can hire professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They have got expertise in cleaning the entire property from top-to-bottom using high-grade tools. However, to remove stubborn carpet stains, such as drink spills, ink stains, blood marks, etc, you need a better solution. A proper steam cleaning can help you bring back the lost shine of your carpets with ease.

What is Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction Method?

Steam Cleaning is also known as the hot water extraction method, which is also recommended by most carpet manufacturers. In this method, the dirty carpet is sprayed with hot water and then drained into the machine with any stain or debris on the surface of your carpet. The water is combined with a cleaning agent to break down the tough stains and heavy soil. On the other hand, a steam cleaning machine uses vaporised water to remove stubborn stains from your carpet. The water is heated into a vapour, which is applied with a cleaning device, which looks like a vacuum cleaning machine. To achieve sparkling results, you need to avail professional service for your delicate carpets. However, most people prefer doing it themselves to save those extra dollars. To help you make the right choice between professional clean or DIY steam cleaning, keep on reading the article.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Steam Cleaning for Carpets

Professional cleaners not only bring the latest equipment or portable machine for a thorough service but also have experience in cleaning all types and sizes of floor coverings. Here are some key benefits that will help you choose the better option: 1. Professional and Experienced Service When you hire a professional company, you will receive experienced and high-quality steam cleaning service. It is because they recruit only trained and credible carpet cleaners to give the best possible solution at the most affordable rates. Professionally-trained cleaners thoroughly inspect the carpet and steam clean to get rid of tough stains, extract soil and other debris, embedded deep inside your carpet. Since they have years of experience in cleaning soiled carpets, you will get the highest standard of service in no time. 2. Fully-Equipped With Latest Machines The best part about hiring professional carpet cleaners is that they come fully-equipped with high-grade steam cleaning machines to give you impeccable services. If you are doing it yourself, you need to arrange a steam cleaner for rent. So, it is better to hire professionals who know how to run the machine and bring back the shining beauty of your delicate floor coverings. 3. Enhances the Visual Appearance Hiring cleaning experts in Melbourne can help you in keeping the look and feel of your carpets for years to come. They clean every corner of the carpet, using safe and sound cleaning products. So, it is good to maintain the carpets by availing professional service. If you are moving out of a rental property, contact the best end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to pass the final inspection with ease. 4. Reduces Stress and Efforts DIY steam cleaning always increases the stress level because you are not a professional cleaner. Apart from this, you need to put a lot of efforts to achieve the best possible results. On the other hand, professional steam cleaning experts are specialised in cleaning dirty carpets for you. They can help you reduce the stress and give you peace of mind along with quality service.

Benefits of DIY Steam Cleaning

If your budget is not allowing you to hire professionals, then you can try the steam cleaning process on your own. Here are some key benefits: 1. Flexible Schedule Whether you are a working professional or a single parent, finding time to perform a thorough steam cleaning can sometimes be challenging. This means you need time to schedule professional service –which is hard to get. In DIY steam cleaning, you can schedule the cleaning hours according to your preference. You will get the flexibility to follow your own schedule and spruce up your carpets at any time. 2. Money-Saving Hiring professional cleaners can be an expensive deal if you have a big house. If you are running low on budget and know how to steam clean your carpets, you can rent a steam cleaner and save that extra money.

Risks of DIY Steam Cleaning

Believe it or not! DIY steam cleaning machines do not heat the water to the high temperature, which won’t help you get rid of tough stains and heavy soil from your carpets. Plus, these machines are not as robust as professional ones. It means that they won’t extract as much of the water from the carpet as other pro machines do. Such machines can ruin your carpets and make them look dull and even discoloured. So, there is a huge risk of using DIY machines for thorough steam cleaning. Other factors that could damage your carpets are the extra amount of carpet shampoo added to the machine and wrong techniques of using the machine.


If you are concerned about the look and feel of your carpets, then choose professional steam cleaners over DIY cleaning. They are experienced, trained, insured, and well-versed with the latest equipment to give you quality outcomes. In case you are preparing your rental properties for the final inspection, contact professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to avoid rental disputes with your landlord.