Key Difference Between Regular House Cleaning and Bond Cleaning

Key Difference Between Regular House Cleaning and Bond Cleaning

By : angila
Tenants have the added pressure of cleaning and maintaining their rental property since its condition at the end of a tenancy increases or decreases their chances of getting a complete bond refund. You have to sanitise your house routinely to keep it in a good state and have a healthy home. Additionally, you must perform bond cleaning when moving out to honour the terms of the lease agreement. It is not uncommon for people to think regular house cleaning is the same as bond cleaning. This misconception is serious because both are performed for different reasons and durations. What’s more, you need to hire professionals performing bond cleaning in Melbourne to manage the deep cleaning of rental properties before moving out. Therefore, understanding the following key differences between regular house cleaning and bond cleaning is crucial. Have a look.

Involvement of Rental Bond 

At the start of a tenancy, most tenants pay a rental bond which is not more than one month’s rent in Melbourne. The bond amount can be higher if the weekly rent is over $900 or the VCAT has set the security deposit higher for the property. To retrieve this amount, tenants must return the property in the same clean condition it was in at the start of the tenancy. Thus, a bond clean is necessary before vacating a rental property. It is the deep sanitation of every nook and cranny of the rental property, making it different from regular house sanitation, which involves cleaning common household surfaces & objects. Most tenants hire professional bond cleaners in Melbourne as the rental bond refund is at stake while performing end of lease cleaning.

Regular House Cleaning is not Time-Bound

You can perform house cleaning anytime and create a schedule for daily, weekly and monthly chores. Bond cleaning, on the other hand, is only required when your lease agreement is ending, and you need to move out of the property. Routine house sanitation is vital to keep your home sanitary round the clock and you can manage it any time of the week. Therefore, it helps to make a house cleaning checklist outlining everyday tasks like washing the dishes, dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming carpets etc. this way, you can streamline the tasks and have a healthy home.

Property must be Empty for Bond Cleaning

During regular house cleaning, you can move furniture and household objects or dust/wipe around them. You don’t have to take your belongings out of the property to clean and disinfect surfaces. However, professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne prefer to perform bond cleaning when a rental property is empty. Most reputed cleaning companies ask clients to guarantee the property will be empty on the job date. It allows them to deep clean all the fixtures, surfaces and areas of the property without damaging your belongings. Furthermore, professionals’ movement and work aren’t hindered, and they can manage deep cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, carpets and other areas without hassle.

Regular House Cleaning doesn’t Require Advance Products & Equipment

You can manage routine house sanitation with basic cleaning products and tools, but use specific equipment for bond cleaning is necessary. As advanced equipment and products are expensive, hiring experts performing end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is practical. They have the necessary resources to deep clean rental properties adequately and help tenants get their bond back in full. Cleaners from reputed bond cleaning companies bring high-grade products, tools and equipment for bond cleaning, and you only pay for their service. Moreover, they have the experience and expertise to use tools and equipment correctly.

Managing a Bond Clean without Professionals isn’t the Best Option

While you can easily complete house cleaning chores without stress or hassle, the same is not true for end of lease cleaning tasks. They require patience, expertise and correct techniques to get desired results. Furthermore, if your landlord or previous tenant had the entire property or specific areas/things professionally cleaned, you are obligated to do the same to get your bond back in full. Additionally, landlords and property managers usually have expectations that professional cleaners know how to meet. Therefore, it is best to seek the assistance of professional bond cleaners in Melbourne to adequately sanitise your rental property. It will also help you avoid bond deductions or disputes while vacating the property.

The Bottom Line

To have a sanitary and safe household, you need to clean and disinfect its common surfaces and objects regularly. However, to get your bond back in full at the end of tenancy, you have to perform end of lease cleaning thoroughly and hiring professional bond cleaners in Melbourne is the best solution. Additionally, understand the differences listed above between regular house cleaning and bond cleaning to avoid stress and disputes.