Melbourne Renters: 7 Things To Know When Claiming Your Bond

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Melbourne Renters: 7 Things To Know When Claiming Your Bond

By : angila
The process of vacating a rental property involves a lot of planning, preparation and implementation of the right strategies. One of the important things you need to do is to claim your bond back before the final move out. Scuff marks on walls and stubborn carpet stains can make it difficult in getting the deposited money back. According to the tenancy laws in Victoria, a renter/tenant is obliged to perform a thorough end of lease cleaning before moving out of the premises. A landlord/property manager has the right to hold back the bond amount if the property is in a damaged or dirty condition. In most scenarios, landlords try to find an excuse to withhold the security deposit by giving reasons like stained carpets, greasy oven/microwave, dirty windows, etc. That’s why it is good to hire trained professionals who can carry out a detailed end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to help you impress your fussy landlord. It is imperative for you to follow all the rules and duties mentioned in your lease agreement. Below, we have outlined 7 things that every tenant should know while claiming a bond at the end of a tenancy. Let’s Get Started!

1. Re-check the Property Condition Report

When you sign the lease agreement, it is important to fill out the condition report. If there are any damages or discrepancies, then taking photos is a crucial step. Make sure you send all photos to your landlord or property manager within three business days or a given timeframe (as mentioned on the condition report). If you don’t return it on time, the rental inspection will be conducted on the basis of a landlord’s original assessment. That’s why renters should always inspect the property thoroughly at the beginning so that they know what is already damaged or need fixation. In order to claim your bond, you need to re-check your property’s condition report and see what needs to be fixed or thoroughly cleaned before the final inspection.

2. Stay Away from Landlord’s Biased Tactics

Sometimes, landlords/property managers try to find an opportunity to claim the bond money as compensation for damage caused to the property or dirty areas. At times, it can be a genuine claim if you have damaged anything during your lease period. You could lose your bond in case your landlord asks you to pay compensation for a broken door or windows caused by you. However, to avoid unfair tactics of landlords, you must fill out the condition report as mentioned in the first point. This way, you will get evidence if any deceitful claim made by your property manager.

3. Property Repairs

Everyday wear and tear is not a big concern, but make sure you know what you can do to get your bond money back. According to the tenancy agreement, tenants have to maintain the look and feel of a rental property. It is important for you to check for property damage, such as a broken window, blinds, leaking taps/pipes, etc, which is caused by you during the tenancy. Fix them as soon as possible so that you can claim your bond back without any conflict.

4. A Detailed End of Lease Cleaning

Do not overlook the importance of cleaning when you are at the end of your tenancy. One of the most common reasons behind rental disputes is half-baked cleaning or grimy surfaces. Make sure you pay special attention to every corner of your rental premises because landlords may try to hold back your bond amount. Instead of doing it yourself, hire professionals for end of lease cleaning Melbourne. They will spruce up according to the pre-approved checklist so that you can focus on other important tasks, such as clearing outstanding rent and bills, returning all keys, etc. Fully-trained experts know the best methods to treat collected dust, grime, grease and other stains from almost all surfaces, including hard-to-reach spots. They will make it easy for you to pass the rental inspection. It is important to search the best company in Melbourne because your bond money is at stake. You can do thorough research, ask your friends & family and shortlist at least 5 best end of lease cleaning service providers. You can also search online and visit their official website. It is good to compare quotes, check customer reviews and clear your doubts related to the pricing policy before making the final decision.

5. Keep Carpets and Rugs Clean

Do not forget your carpets when moving out of a rental property in Melbourne. Dust-laden and mouldy floor coverings often become the cause of rental dispute between the landlord and the renter. Therefore, it is good to get the carpets steam cleaned by hiring professionals. Many companies don’t include thorough carpet cleaning in an end of lease cleaning service. The company will quote separately if you want to avail a professional steam cleaning service for your grimy carpets. They use new-age technologies, eco-friendly products and proven methods to treat tough stains, grime, mould and mildew from the carpet fibres. Professionals will leave your floor coverings new again before the final inspection.

6. Do not Breach Your Lease Agreement

Make sure you return all the keys to your landlord and give notice about your end of the tenancy at least a month before if you want to get your bond back. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to follow all the rules mentioned in the lease agreement if you don’t want to get into any conflict. Also, pay outstanding bills and rent before the final move out.

7. Claim Your Bond Online

When both parties have agreed on how the bond will be divided, your landlord must submit a bond claim. He usually begins a bond claim, which should be submitted after the tenant leaves the property. All they have to do is to log into the RTBA online website and submit the claim details. You will receive an email which includes the claim details. You need to click through the link to accept or request changes to the claim. After that, add your bank details to get your bond back. Once agreeing upon the claim, the RTBA will deposit the money into your account within  2 business days. Tip: Never sign a bond claim form if there is a disagreement on a bond amount. You can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to resolve the conflict.


These are 7 important things that you should keep in mind while moving out of a rental property. As a tenant, you should consider hiring trained and dedicated professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will make it easy for you to get the bond back without any dispute.