Move Out Cleaning Cost: What Should You Expect To Pay?

Move Out Cleaning Cost: What Should You Expect To Pay?

By : angila
Bond back cleaning is among the most important tasks for tenants ending a tenancy in Melbourne. If you have a fixed-term lease agreement and pay a rental bond, you must keep and leave the rental property in the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy. End of lease cleaning unlike regular house cleaning is deep sanitation of the entire property, , which is why hiring professional bond cleaners in Melbourne is a practical solution.

However, before you book experts, estimate the move-out cleaning cost accurately to avoid overspending and keep adequate funds on hand.

What should you expect to pay? Here is your complete guide outlining the average costs of cleaners & tips for getting quotes, finding affordable cleaners and more.

Expected Costs for Bond Cleaning

Hiring professional cleaners who offer cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne is often economical because you don’t have to pay for cleaning products, tools and equipment. Additionally, the professionals know what landlords and property managers expect from the end of lease cleans. Thus, if you plan to hire them, here are things to know.

  • The overall cost of the bond clean depends on the size of the house/apartment.
  • According to the Yellow pages, the expected cost for move-out cleaning for houses can range from $500 to $1000. It is less for apartments, and you can expect lower rates from local bond cleaners in Melbourne.
  • One week’s rent is also a good way to estimate the cost.
  • It is crucial to understand that cleaners perform bond cleans in teams and take 4-8 hours to finish jobs. When the property is heavily soiled or big, it can take cleaners a full day to clean, and you have to pay them accordingly.

    Furthermore, the average cost per hour of house cleaners in Australia is $30 to $50. Experienced cleaners will ask for more money as they provide better results and complete work effectively and efficiently.

    Expected Costs for Deep Cleaning

    Besides regular cleaning, deep cleaning is necessary to maintain indoor air quality and hygiene of your household. While you can manage it, hiring professionals to do it is a great option to save energy and effort. Depending on the size of your home, deep cleaning costs can range from $150 to $250. This type of house sanitation takes less time than bond cleaning, but you should still expect the cleaners to take a few hours.

    If you also avail of specific services like carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, window cleaning etc., you can expect the overall cost of deep cleaning of your house to increase. These services can cost anywhere between $30 to $420 and you must discuss the rates before booking cleaners.

    Get Quotes 

    Most reputed end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne offers free and no-obligation quotes for bond cleaning and additional services. These quotes are estimate costs of services you want to avail of and give you a good idea of the overall expenses of the move out cleaning. By getting quotes it is easier for you to create a budget and save money while moving.

    To get quotes, you can call or email the bond cleaners and share your requirement. Based on your information, they chart a complete quote with service charges and taxes and send it via email.

    These quotes are non-binding but valid for a certain period only. Thus, you should get quotes from multiple bond cleaning companies in Melbourne, compare them and choose the best option for you. Also, keep in mind that service charges can increase if the cleaners need to spend extra hours cleaning your rental property.

    Tips For Finding Affordable Cleaners

    The cleaning industry has lots of competition, which is why many bond cleaners in Melbourne offer their services at competitive rates. Thus, you must get quotes from different companies, compare them, and get a good deal from the cleaners you wish to hire. Besides taking advantage of competitive rates, you can find affordable bond cleaners in Melbourne via these expert tips.

  • Find local cleaners offering end of lease cleaning and house cleaning services. This will help you get the best rates in the area.
  • Try to end your tenancy during non-peak moving seasons as cleaning service rates are lower during these times.
  • Get early bird discounts by booking bond cleaners in Melbourne at least four weeks before moving out.
  • Know what is necessary for end of lease cleaning to get your bond back in full and only avail of services accordingly. For example, if you don’t need to get carpet shampooing or other extensive cleaning services for the floorings, you can opt only to have bond cleaning done, which includes carpet vacuuming.
  • The Bottom Line

    Moving to a new home is stressful, especially when you end a tenancy and need to get your bond back in full. Bond cleaning is important to pass the final inspection without hiccups. You can manage the task yourself, but hiring professional bond cleaners in Melbourne increases your chances of complete bond repayment significantly.

    Hence, use the insights shared in this guide to know what to expect to pay for a move out cleaning.