Moving House? Cleaning Checklist For Your New Home

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Moving House? Cleaning Checklist For Your New Home

By : angila
Moving into a new house is challenging because there is so much to do, one of which is deep cleaning the property. Expert cleaners in Melbourne say it is wise to inspect and purge the house before unloading your belongings and start the process of settling.
It is essential because a property may look neat and clean on the outside, but sometimes there can be hidden issues that can affect the health of the residents. Therefore preparing a cleaning checklist is necessary when moving into a new house.

Don’t know what the cleaning checklist should include? Here is one created by the industry’s finest end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.

Inspect the Property

When moving to a house that was occupied, preliminary inspection becomes vital to know if any underlying issues need to be fixed. Check the house for mould, funky smells, pest infestations, seepage, plumbing failures, leaks, etc. Hire a professional property inspector to submit a report detailing the overall condition of the property and underline cleaning, repair, and maintenance requirements.

Clean the Inside and Outside of Property

Deep cleaning the house before moving in is necessary to rid it of dust, dirt, construction debris, pollutants, insects, moisture etc. One way is to DIY clean the property before moving in. But, it can take a lot of time and energy, which is why it is better to hire professionals.

Contact a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne to get the house thoroughly sanitised. Besides getting the inside areas cleaned, it is essential to have the entryway, garage, driveway, decks, and other outside spaces cleaned too. Plan to get the whole house sanitised a day or two before the moving day.

Sanitise the Carpet Floors

Carpet flooring may look clean, but it can contain dust, allergens, debris, hair, dander, and many more pollutants, especially if the previous owners had pets. According to expert end of lease cleaners in Melbourne, most realtors vacuum clean the carpets which can remove pollutants on the surface but fail to deep clean.

Therefore, before moving in, get the carpets in the house steam cleaned or shampooed to get rid of Dust and Odours, embedded germs, dirt, dust mites, dander, fur, and debris. Hire professional cleaners in Melbourne to do the job as they have powerful machines and know the right techniques to get optimum results.

Pro Tip: If possible switch to hardwood floors because they are cleaner and easier to maintain. Carpet floors are high maintenance and aggravate allergies in prone people.

Clean the Air Vents

Many people complain about children falling sick repeatedly and getting allergies after moving to a new house. One of the reasons this can happen is when the air vents are unclean. It is common to forget about inspecting and cleaning the air vents in the new house.

However, they need thorough cleaning because allergens, dust, pollen, dust mites, and other pollutants can contaminate the indoor air through the vents. The best way to get air vents cleaned is to hire experts who have HEPA Duct & Vent cleaning, vacuuming, and fogging machines capable of removing years of build-up and applying solutions to prevent the generation of mould, algae, grime, etc.

Disinfect Common Points of Contacts

Common points of contacts include door/ window/ cabinet knobs & handles, locks, switches, railings, toilet seats & handles, and faucets. These are high contact areas, and according to studies, they contain a host of germs. Hence, before shifting to the new house, deeply sanitise these points. They can rapidly transfer bacteria and viruses, especially if someone is sick.

Since, before you move in, you don’t know how many people have been to the place disinfecting these points are wise. Also, change the toilet seats because the old ones can harbour dangerous bacteria and rather than disinfecting them get new seats.

Treat the Home for Mould

Sometimes a house can have inferior waterproofing or have rooms with poor ventilation that allows moisture to collect in walls and ceiling. This moisture can result in mould, which can spread rapidly in humid conditions and cause allergies or respiratory problems.

Therefore, if you know about a spot in your new home that has mould spots, it is best to treat them immediately and proof the area to prevent future growth. Take the assistance of professional cleaners in Melbourne that specialise in treating and preventing mould. After the cleaning is done, take the necessary steps to avoid the collection of moisture and ventilate the areas.

Get Pest Control Done

Not many people know that if a house is dark or damp for long, it can attract pests. Therefore, inspect your new home for pests because they can carry diseases, dirty your surroundings, and bit residents & pets.

In case your new house has an infestation, get in touch with a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne that provides pest control services along with in-depth cleaning solutions. Book cleaners before you move in and have them inspect the property to device a course of action. The advantage of availing pest control services through a reliable cleaning company is that they can purge your home after pest management and thoroughly sanitise the property.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning the new property is necessary to maintain the joy of moving into a new home for your family. It is also required to make the space safe and habitable because no one wants to worry about germs, respiratory problems, and allergies after going through the strenuous process of moving. Hence, make sure to follow the checklist above and ensure your new home is ready to live in on the moving day.