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Bond Cleaning in Northcote


When it is time to say goodbye to your rented apartment, you tend to be in a fix as you don’t know how to manage packing, moving and cleaning at the same time. Often de-cluttering, packing, and hiring removalists takes precedence over the need to clean the premises before leaving. However, end of lease cleaning in Northcote cannot be ignored as you stand to lose the deposit if you fail to pass the inspection test of the property manager. Thus to save your money and make the process hassle-free, you need to contact the experts. The professionals at Bond Cleaning in Melbourne are equipped with the right tools, REVIC approved cleaning checklist and eco-friendly materials to offer the best cleaning in town.

High-Quality Yet Affordable Vacate Cleaning Service In Northcote

The idea of hiring professionals brings along the fear of expenditure. However, our economically priced end of lease cleaning packages can be enjoyed by every household/business owner.

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Our Advantage

Our end of lease cleaning in Northcote offers 100% bond back guarantee (Ts and Cs apply) as we are absolutely confident of our unmatched service and customer support.

Professional Cleaners

Our vacate cleaners in Northcote are highly qualified and skilled individuals who undergo rigorous training to become proficient in various cleaning techniques and methodologies. They are verified by the local police and are fully insured and licensed to perform a range of cleaning tasks.

Excellent Service

We put our abilities to the best utilisation when cleaning a property with the help of a REVIC approved cleaning checklist. Additionally, we take into account the recommendations and requests of the tenants to ensure their expectations are fully met. We leave no room for errors.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Our team of end of lease cleaners in Northcote is taught to create organic cleaning solutions and use them effectively to get the best output. We use only non-toxic and biodegradable products so that our cleaning does not affect the atmosphere or the cleaners.

Innovative Approach

We keep pushing ourselves to find better ways of servicing our clients and thus get hold of the latest tools and high-power machines which are capable of absorbing dust and grease from the filthiest of surfaces. We train hard to get your bond back (Ts and Cs apply).

Free Quotes

We take pride in our level of expertise which lends us the competence to offer instant and free quotes to our customers. If you are looking for professional and competitive end of lease cleaning services, then you can contact our customer support team for a free estimate.

We know how to get your bond back (Ts and Cs apply)! Contact us now.
Professional  Cleaning Service

Our Vacate Cleaning Covers Everything

We are not new to the business and have been serving our clients for a long time. Bond Cleaning In Melbourne is committed to offering an end-to-end cleaning which covers every part of the property. If it is a commercial set-up, we make it a point to clean all the cubicles, cabins, fixtures, air ducts, pantry, washrooms and lounge areas. The carpets and common restrooms take more time in office complexes as they bear the brunt of massive foot-traffic and the build-up of dust and germs. We sanitise each corner and ensure hygienic end of lease cleaning in Northcote. For standalone houses and apartments, we leave no stone unturned in bringing them back to their original condition so that the landlord gives the deposit back without any delay (Ts and Cs apply). From windows and glass doors to alleys and balconies, we cover everything as demanded by the outgoing tenant and as directed by the REVIC checklist.

Worry-free Moving

Leave the stress of cleaning to us! We know how much pressure end of lease cleaning in Northcote can put on a family or business owner, who is planning to make a move. Our affordable, expert, chemical-free and highly appreciated cleaning service gives the required respite from the tension and stress and gets your bond back (Ts and Cs apply) as well.


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