Preparing for End of Lease! How to Get your Full Bond Back

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Preparing for End of Lease! How to Get your Full Bond Back

By : angila
When you are at the end of your tenancy period, you will need to get your lease property cleaned before the inspection process. It should be cleaned properly or else you could lose your bond amount. You have to take care of everything from cleaning the high traffic areas of your house to the kitchen, bedroom, furniture, bathrooms, balcony, fans, etc.

Why cleaning is essential to secure bond amount?

As per the tenancy agreement in Australia, the tenants are obliged to return the property in the neat, clean and damage-free state at the end of the tenancy period. During the inspection task, a property manager or a landlord could seize the bond money if they find anything dirty or damaged within the premises.

Therefore, it is essential for tenants to create a robust vacant cleaning strategy ahead of time. If you are doing it for the first time, you should read out this blog post.

Today, we will share some of the best end of lease cleaning tips that will help you get your 100% bond amount back.

Best Bond Cleaning Tips

1. Start with a plan

It is important to evaluate the time that will be required for the end of lease cleaning. Before jumping into a cleaning process, you should work on creating an achievable cleaning plan from scratch to know how much time each room will take –depending on the size of all the rooms.

Also, make a list of the cleaning products that will be needed when cleaning your entire house. You can include the vacuum cleaner, mop, sponge, microfiber cloth, duster, cleaning products (try to buy eco-friendly products) to ensure flawless cleaning process.

2. Empty your house

Since you are moving out from your lease property, make sure you remove all the household belongings (especially the bulky ones) ahead of your cleaning day. This will fasten the cleaning process and keep it clutter free.

Try to keep the fridge, sofa, washing machine, and other heavy objects out of the property during the end of lease cleaning process. You can hire professional removalists in Melbourne for packing and moving tasks.

3. Remove dust from carpets and rugs

Since the carpets and rugs collect most of the dust and mud in between their fabrics, ensure that you clean them properly while cleaning your lease property. There are many people in Melbourne who forget about giving a thorough clean to their carpets and then lose their full security deposits at the time of the property inspection.

If you are really concerned about your bond amount, you will need to take the carpet cleaning very seriously. Use vacuum cleaners with the appropriate attachment to remove dry or hidden dust.

If there are any stains, you can apply paint remover to get rid of them.

Don’t scrub the stains otherwise it could damage the fiber of your carpets. Instead, you can soak the pills by putting a paper towel over it.

4. Cleaning your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas of any house. The counterparts, cabinets, dishwasher, sink and taps need more than basic cleaning. These areas need be disinfected for promoting better and healthy environment.

Use a de-grease cream to remove stubborn grease from the exhaust fan, doors and windows.

5. Disinfect your bathroom

Before leaving the leased property, make sure you clean and disinfect the floor, wash basin, taps, doors, showers and toilet seat of your bathroom. Most of the tenants lose their bond money because of messy bathrooms.

You should use the best cleaning products to kill germs from the showers, door knobs, toilet seats, and basin.

6. Mop the floors

Whether you have a wooden floor or a laminate one, make sure you keep it away from dust and stains.

You can remove the dry dust from the surface using a vacuum cleaner. But when it comes to mopping the floor, you will need to use the right cleaning solution that can maintain the shine and durability of your floors.

7. Hire professional bond cleaners

It is highly recommended to hire a professional vacant cleaning company for such crucial activities. Professional cleaners can provide deep cleaning solutions while helping you in getting your 100 % bond amount back.

If you are living in Melbourne, you can hire Bond Cleaning in Melbourne. We offer the best end of lease cleaning solutions with 100 % bond money back guarantee.

These are the best end of lease cleaning preparation trips that every tenant should consider before moving out from the leased property.