Secrets To Hiring The Right End Of Lease Cleaning Service

Secrets To Hiring The Right End Of Lease Cleaning Service

By : angila

End of lease cleaning is one of the most important moving tasks in Melbourne. It is necessary to get your bond back in full and ensure you end a tenancy successfully.

However, end of lease cleaning differs from routine house cleaning and requires expertise. It is also, time consuming and tiring which is why most renters ending a tenancy prefer to hire end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals. These experts are trained and experienced who can perform multiple tasks within a few hours which take an inexperienced person to complete in days.

Most reputed cleaning companies offer bond back guarantee which makes hiring professional cleaners a better option than doing end of lease cleaning yourself. However, to get the best services, you must book reliable professionals.

Thus, here is your complete guide outlining secrets to hiring the right end of lease cleaning service. Have a look.

Outline Your Requirement

Before you start looking for professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, it is important to know what you want them to do.

To get your bond back you may have to avail multiple services as you have to return the rental property in the same condition it was in at the start of your tenancy. For example, pet owners must get pest control and carpet cleaning done in addition to bond cleaning to get a full bond repayment.

Similarly, assess your situation and discuss the terms of rental agreement with your landlord to know what things you must hire the professionals for to claim the security deposit without deductions.

Look For a Local Multi-Service Cleaning Company

When you are ending a tenancy, you may need to avail multiple services to vacate the property successfully. Therefore, it is always better to look for a one stop destination to meet all your requirements. Do proper research to find end of lease cleaning companies offering varied customisable solutions.

It is best to choose local businesses as they are better at understanding individual requirements and provide personalised services. What’s more, local businesses care more about their reputation and also it is easier to conduct their verification.

Inquire About Their Services

Most reputed cleaning companies provide comprehensive end of lease cleaning Melbourne solutions. Meaning, their professionals can deep clean surfaces and fixtures and perform special tasks to help you get your bond back without dispute.

While inquiring about services, ensure to ask about end of lease cleaning inclusions and exclusions. It will help you decide which additional services like carpet cleaning, wall-washing, pest control, upholstery cleaning and more.

Ask About Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policies

Before hiring a service, ask about a company’s booking, cancellation and refund policies to ascertain its reliability. Reputed companies offer advance booking services to allow you to hire their experienced cleaners and ensure their availability on the dates you want.

Additionally, they have cancellation and refund policies to return the booking amount in case you change your mind about availing of their services. The cancellation period is usually between 24-48 hours, and it can be more depending on a company’s policies. 

Ask For Client Feedback

Reputed end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals can arrange for client feedback by conducting customer satisfaction surveys via calls, email or direct messages. The feedback allows them to build their reliability and attract new customers.

Therefore, to determine a company’s credibility, you can ask for client feedback and make an informed decision. You cannot expect a company to have 100% positive reviews, but when they outweigh the negative ones, it indicates the cleaning company provides quality services, and you can hire its cleaners to sanitise your home.

Don’t Believe Rates Too Good To Be True

When a company’s service rates are extremely low and too good to be true, it is a scam to lure clients. Often budding or unregistered cleaning companies do false advertisements and claim to provide end of lease cleaning or house cleaning solutions at dirt-cheap rates.

Such companies impose hidden charges or ask for more money on the day of cleaning when clients don’t have a choice but to comply. Therefore, only consider companies offering services according to industry standards and at competitive rates.

Wrapping Up

Finding a reliable end of lease cleaning service is possible by following the useful insights mentioned above. If you do it without guidance, you can get scammed or hire a non-reputed company because the market is filled with mushrooming businesses offering mediocre services.

Thus, use this guide if you are looking for good professionals or require special bond cleaning solutions for getting your bond back in full.