Smart Tips For Bond Back Cleaning In Melbourne

Smart Tips For Bond Back Cleaning In Melbourne

By : angila
Moving out of a rental property is stressful and requires you to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Among these tasks, end of lease cleaning is a major one, as, without it, you cannot get a complete bond repayment. Bond cleaning is different from routine house cleaning, and you need expertise, patience and the right tools to do it properly.

Therefore, hiring professionals performing end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is a practical solution. The experts know what landlords expect from the final clean-up and how to do it efficiently yet effectively.

Besides taking the assistance of professionals, smartly manage the entire process by following the tips shared below.

Re-read The Lease Agreement

Before starting any task, read the rental contract thoroughly to understand the terms for notifying the landlord about your move. Additionally, you can jog your memory regarding other necessary measures for vacating the property. Landlords cannot legally make you hire professional bond cleaners in Melbourne or state the same in the legal contract.

However, you must leave the property like it was at the start of the tenancy, meaning if the previous tenant or the landlord had it professionally cleaned, you are obligated to do the same.

Streamline Tasks

Bond cleaning is unlike regular house cleaning, as it requires planning and careful execution of tasks to complete it in time and adequately. Therefore, professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne use an REIV-approved bond cleaning checklist. If you have the liberty to deep clean the rental property yourself, use a proper end of lease cleaning checklist to streamline tasks and sanitise the premises according to the expected standard of landlords in Melbourne.

You can use a pre-made list available online and customise it after reading the lease agreement, discussing requirements with the landlord and checking the original condition report.

Compare Quotes Before Booking Cleaners

Most reputed bond cleaning companies in Melbourne provide no-obligation quotes and offer their services at competitive rates. Before booking bond cleaners, you must get quotes from different ones, compare the prices and use the quotes to broker a good deal.

Avoid taking instant quotes, as scammers can impose hidden charges and lure you in by showing cheap rates that are too good to be true. Always provide complete details and get quotations based on extract requirements.

Hire Local Bond Cleaners

Local businesses make great efforts to maintain their reputation, which is why hiring them instead of a big brand is a better solution. What’s more, local bond cleaners in Melbourne know what property owner’s & manager’s in their service regions expect from end of lease cleans. Other advantages of hiring local cleaners are:

  • They are easier to verify and you can visit their registered office to make bookings.
  • They can share a list of clients in the neighbourhood.
  • You can get honest and reliable reviews about them.
  • Take Before & After Photos/Videos

    Document the state of the rental property at the start of the tenancy to refer to when performing bond cleaning in Melbourne to increase your chances of getting the bond back in full. Also, take photos and videos before bond cleaning and after it is done as evidence.

    This way, you can show the difference during the final inspection and claim the security deposit without deductions. Make sure to keep the before photos for the original condition report and the after cleaning photos for the exit condition report.

    Pay Attention To The Carpets

    Tenants often lose their bond money because of grimy and stained carpets. To avoid it from happening to you, spot-clean carpets during your tenancy and hire professional bond cleaners in Melbourne at the end of your tenancy.

    Also, ask your landlord if the carpets were shampooed, dry cleaned or steam cleaned (hot water extraction method) by professionals. If yes, then ask for the receipt and avail of the same carpet cleaning service to get your bond back.

    Don’t Ignore The Outdoor Areas

    Bond cleaning includes complete sanitation of interior and exterior areas of the rental property. Therefore, besides cleaning the rooms indoors, pay attention to the patio, deck, garage, lawn and other outdoor areas. You should mow the lawn, vacuum windows & doors, sweep and mop garage floors and complete other necessary exterior cleaning tasks.

    If you hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne, they will sanitise the interiors along with the exterior of the rental property to ensure you can claim 100% of your bond.

    The Bottom Line

    End of lease cleaning is one of the most important tasks to complete when you vacate a rental property. If you are managing it yourself, follow the smart tips shared above for bond back cleaning in Melbourne. However, hire professional cleaners in case you lack the time, energy and patience to complete the strenuous task yourself.