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When I called up, I was given a complete and thorough explanation of what to expect, pricing and how long it would take for my house. The person on the phone was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. The team who cleaned my house on the day to prepare it for getting bond back kept me informed about when they were due to arrive and complete the work. The landlord was very happy with its cleanliness and this service was much more affordable than many others I got a quote for. Thank you

Amber Smith - Apr 23, 2021

Very professional , thank you!

Mere - Apr 17, 2021

Ron did a wonderful job. He was very polite and took on a challenging job.

hayley - Apr 06, 2021

Everything was so easy and you guys did a great job, thank you !

Prindi Trezise - Apr 01, 2021

Cleaner was amazing, did an excellent job going above and beyond.

James - Mar 30, 2021

Office communications were particularly fantastic. The actual clean was fast and very up to standard!

Claire Parnell - Mar 26, 2021

I got my full bond back, thank you

Ranjeet Surabhi - Mar 12, 2021

Inside of the house looked great

Steven Magliaro - Mar 12, 2021

Narayan and co did and excellent job and i got my full bond back. Thanks!

Samuel L Gascoigne - Mar 09, 2021

Easy and fast process.

Khashayar - Mar 03, 2021
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