The Top 5 Luxury Toilets And How to Keep Them Clean

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The Top 5 Luxury Toilets And How to Keep Them Clean

By : angila
The bathroom is one of the most used areas of your house. Besides the people of the house, bathrooms are visited by guests as well. This part of your home must look inviting and have proper fittings.Therefore, having a luxury toilet in your bathroom is a great addition. Luxury toilets are not just for show or to impress. They are extremely hygienic. Most of them are fitted with self-cleaning mechanisms, and unlike standard toilets don’t require extensive scrubbing or brushing to clean. Even end of lease cleaning becomes easy if there is a luxury toilet in your rented house.

You would know how comfortable and sanitary they are if you already have the fortune of owning a luxury toilet. If you don’t have a luxury toilet and plan on investing in one, mentioned below are the top 5 luxury toilets you must consider. Also, read on to know tips by reputed end of lease cleaners in Melbourne on how to keep them clean.

Kohler’s Veil Intelligent Toilet

Price: $5,000 – $6,000 (approx)

This dual flush toilet by the established Kohler brand has fast become a favourite in the sanitisation industry. Available in wall hung and wall facing designs, the toilet is sleek and sophisticated. The engineering and technology of the toilet is extraordinary. Some of its brilliant features are mentioned as follows:

  • Remote-controlled swift cleaning
  • Seat cover with a sensor with sensing distance adjustments
  • Varied wash settings
  • Warm air dryer for moisture control
  • Automatic deodoriser to avoid smells

The toilet range is among the cleanest vessels in the world. It promises optimum sanitisation and a luxurious experience every time you use it. Both Veil Intelligent Wall Faced Toilet and Veil Intelligent Wall Hung Toilet are available in Melbourne.

TOTO Neorest NX1 Elongated Toilet

Price: $7,000 (approx)

Compact, stylish, and efficient are some adjectives that justify the Toto Neorest Toilet. This toilet is a blend of elegance and technology. It has a dual flush system and self-cleaning washing wand. Other features are listed as follows:

  • Soft and automatic open and close lid with sensor
  • Tornado flush for effective cleaning
  • Customisable water pressure and temperature setting
  • Enhanced night light and premist features

You can buy this toilet online or go to a Toto dealer showroom in Melbourne for offline purchase.

Caroma Care 800 Cleanflush Toilet

Price: $4,300 (approx)

Suitable for people of different walks of life and preferences, the Caroma Care 800 Cleanflush Wall Faced Invisi Series Toilet has a backrest, boasts of rapid cleaning, and many more features such as:

  • Universal trap style S & P
  • Aids in a high level of personal hygiene and rapid cleaning
  • Suitable for elderly, disabled, and people of different ages
  • Superior and rimless flushing system
  • Fitted with Caroma’s patented Uni-orbital connector

The toilet is among the most popular of Caroma’s Toilet Suites. You can buy it at the nearest Caroma store in Melbourne.

Duravit SensoWash Toilet Suite

Price: $5,000 (approx)

Manufactured by the famous German company Duravit, this toilet suite is reckoned for its beautiful aesthetics and optimum cleaning functions. Few of its features are:

  • High water conservation with 4-star WELS rating
  • Back to wall design
  • Dual Flush mechanism
  • SensoWash seat and toilet
  • Remote-controlled functions

You can get this stylish toilet suite online or offline at the nearest sanitaryware store in Melbourne.

Kohler K-3900 Numi Toilet Suite

Price: $11,000 – $12,000

The most expensive toilet on the list, this is one of the finest toilets by Kohler brand. It has become popular for its smart features and compact design. Some distinguishing features of the toilet are mentioned as follows:

  • Integrated dual flush
  • Self-sanitising cleaning wand
  • Fitted with systems for light, music, and heating
  • Temperature controlled seat, water, etc.
  • Remote-controlled functions for positioning, pressure, and more

The Kohler Numi Toilet Suite is available in select stores only. You can check Kohler Australia’s website to know when will be available in Melbourne or the rest of Australia.

Advantages of Luxury Toilets

The price you pay for these types of toilets is not only for luxury but for ease of use, comfort, advanced technology etc. Luxury toilets are different from standard toilets, and their advantages are listed as follows:

  • These toilets are more hygienic and sanitary than regular toilets.
  • Most have self-cleaning features and automated lid opening & closing.
  • The latest models of luxury toilets are coming with dual flushing systems.
  • Today, luxury toilets are smart. Most are fitted with sensors to detect when you enter the bathroom, and they turn on the light and open the lid upon sensing your presence.
  • Temperature control features allow the toilets to warm the seat and water before use.
  • The advanced technologies of luxury toilets allow them to conserve water by using only the required amount.
  • Many new luxury toilets are coming with built-in bidets that self-clean and sanitise after each use. You can also choose different water sprinkle options.
  • Luxury toilets are mostly remote-controlled, and you can turn on their features before reaching the seat.
  • Luxury toilets are pleasant to look at, and most are designed to be sleek, compact, and, highly efficient.
  • The ease of use makes luxury toilets usable by people of different ages, or with disabilities/ physical ailments.
  • Luxury toilets are easy to install, and you can ask for a demonstration after installation. Most luxury toilet brands have excellent after-sale services and assist customers with queries.

How To Keep Luxury Toilets Clean

The technology and design of the toilets make them in a league of their own. Many are self-cleaning with features to remove any residues or smells such as premist, dual flushes, automatic cleaning wands, deodorisers, and much more. Even then, these toilets are high maintenance and need cleaning regularly.

So, it is best to get them sanitised by reputed bond cleaners in Melbourne, as they have knowledge and experience. Expert bond cleaners know how to clean and handle these kinds of toilets. They can clean them without causing damage to any of the sophisticated technology, fittings or functions.

However, if you wish to DIY clean them, here are some tips by reputed bond cleaners in Melbourne to adhere.

  • Invest in the best cleaning products that are non-toxic and mild cleaners to avoid harming the surface of the toilets.
  • Wash your smart or luxury toilet with water, as mostly that will clean it.
  • Read the manufactures guide for cleaning and upkeep. If the manual states professional cleaning in a few months, then hire end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to do the job.
  • Always turn off the power to avoid risking electrocution.
  • Many luxury toilets come with additional cleaning accessories to keep them clean. If possible, buy them along with the toilet suite.

In most cases, these toilets don’t require extensive scrubbing or cleaning. Don’t try to use antibacterial household cleaning ingredients, as you can end up damaging a component or surface. If you are unsure of what needs to be, don’t hesitate to call bond cleaners in Melbourne.


Luxury toilets are a lifestyle choice, and once you get them installed, you can never go back to regular toilets. However, before considering buying one, make sure you do market research to know which toilet suites are available in Melbourne. If the one you want can be shipped, get it through a reputed shipping company only.

If you have bought a luxury toilet suite, then ensure you maintain it well, use it as per the instructions, and if required call reputed end of lease cleaners for their expert cleaning services.