The Ultimate Guide To A Stress-Free End-Of-Lease Clean

The Ultimate Guide To A Stress-Free End-Of-Lease Clean

By : angila
Melbourne is a stunning city in Australia filled with iconic landmarks, tranquil beaches, serene parks, hip cafes and boutiques. In this city, you can ride a boat across the Yarra River, watch the city lights from the Melbourne Skydeck, walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens, and watch exciting events at Federation Square.Thus, with such beautiful attractions and scenic sites, it is no wonder that people are relocating to Melbourne in large numbers. But before you start your new life in this beautiful city, you must first pack and move out of your old home. Besides this, you must also do a proper end-of-lease cleaning of your home before leaving to get your bond back in full. You can always hire professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne services for the same or do it on your own using organic solutions and cleaning tools. To help you do this end-of-lease cleaning without any stress, here are some helpful tips:  Tips For A Stress-Free End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Go Through Your Rental Tenancy Agreement

The first thing you must do before you start deep-cleaning your home is to go through and inspect your residential tenancy agreement. This agreement was signed by you and your landlord at the beginning of your tenancy and specifies what kind of expectations your landlord has. Besides your normal duties and obligations as a tenant, this agreement will also specify what level of cleanliness you must maintain to get your bond amount back. This rental bond amount in Melbourne generally equals one month’s rent if your rent is 900$ or more. Tip: You can also check your conditional report that will show you how your home was when you first moved in so you can get it back to that level of cleanliness.

Plan Your Cleaning Schedule In Advance

Once you know how important it is to clean your home and to what level, you should start making a plan. Go through each room and write down the areas that need a deep cleaning. You can then start creating a schedule for your cleaning and assign each room and area a time limit so you can finish all your tasks in a stress-free manner.

Gather Your Cleaning Solutions And Tools

Another way to make this end-of-lease cleaning less stressful is to arrange your cleaning supplies in advance. Looking at your cleaning schedule, you can see what supplies you need and in what quantity. Here are some basic cleaning supplies that end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne recommend you keep in your caddy:
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum with HEPA filter
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Microfiber mop
  • Squeegee
  • Glass Spray bottles
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Clean And Organise The Most Difficult Room

To make sure you have a stress-free end-of-lease cleaning, it is important you tackle the most difficult room first so you feel more productive and in control. Generally, the most difficult room to clean is the kitchen, as it gets filled with grease, oil splatters, food crumbs, and dirt. Here are some steps you can take to deep-clean your kitchen:
  • Scrub and wipe oil splatters off the backsplash area
  • Wipe the top of kitchen cupboards and shelves
  • Deep-clean stove tops, rings and knobs
  • Remove grease splatters from your oven and microwave
  • Clean and disinfect your fridge and dishwasher
  • Remove clogs from your sink and drains
  • Clean your range hood exhaust and filters
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Get Rid Of Germs And Infections From Your Bathroom

Next, move to your bathroom, as it is also a difficult room to clean and can take up a lot of your time. If each family member in your home has their own bathroom, you must assign them each cleaning duties. This will help spruce up your home faster and in a stress-free manner. Here are some steps you should take to clean your bathroom:
  • Wipe down the top of all bathroom shelves and doors
  • Clean the exhaust fan to remove dirt
  • Deep-clean the toilet bowl and sink to get rid of bacterial infections
  • Remove soap scum with vinegar from your shower glass and walls
  • Get rid of streaks from your mirrors and windows
  • Scrub your bathroom tapware and towel rails

Deep-Clean Your Living Room And Bedrooms

Once you have cleaned your two most difficult rooms, you can easily handle the remaining portions of your home. Here are some useful tips by end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne to deep-clean your living room and bedrooms:
  • Get rid of cobwebs and insect droppings
  • Deep-clean your fans and air conditioner vents
  • Remove marks and spots from your walls
  • Deep-clean your mattresses and sheets
  • Clean doors, skirting and light switches
  • Vacuum your floors and carpets
  • Remove dust from your window blinds
  • Scrub your interior and exterior windows
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Get Professional Help For Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Lastly, if you need more time to complete the above tasks, you can get professional end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne to help you clean your home stress-free. These experts provide superior cleaning service with a bond-back guarantee so that each corner of our home is neat and free of dirt. Your professional cleaners will also use organic solutions and advanced tools to remove even the most microscopic dirt from your home. If you need extra services like pest control, pressure cleaning and upholstery cleaning, you should inform them in advance so they can come prepared. Tip: Book these experts in advance to get better deals and discounts.


Thus, the above tips will help you deep-clean each corner of your home stress-free at the end of your tenancy so you can regain your bond. You must follow the terms of the residential agreement, plan your tasks, arrange your cleaning supplies and ask for professional help to ensure a successful end-of-lease clean.