Things to Note While Cleaning with Newborn in House

mother caressing a new born with love

Things to Note While Cleaning with Newborn in House

By : angila
As a mother, it is always challenging to manage the house cleaning chores with a newborn. You can’t ignore the fact that your baby needs your attention all the time. You can delegate cleaning tasks to someone else, but you can’t leave your baby when he needs you the most. This means performing cleaning with a newborn needs time-management skills.

However, you can take assistance from highly-experienced bond cleaners in Melbourne for thorough cleaning, but you have to get your house cleaned on a daily basis because you can’t take a chance with the health of your baby and other family members.

So, below are some super-fantastic things that will help you manage both your newborn and regular house cleaning tasks in quite an organised way.

Let’s get started!

1. Know your Priority

Managing a house cleaning chore with a newborn baby can be convoluted and annoying. Your newborn needs you because you are the source of food and comfort.
So, make sure you know your topmost priority and manage the cleaning process accordingly. Your baby needs utmost attention, so try to delegate the cleaning tasks to somebody else. You can ask your husband or other family members to assist you in performing the regular house chores.

Tip: It is recommended to hire highly-professional cleaners in Melbourne for a thorough spring or house cleaning in case you spot any mould and mildew in the house.

2. Be Organised

Stick to the basic cleaning rules and try to de-clutter the surroundings when your newborn is in a dormant mode.
Use clear boxes with lids to store messed-up knickknacks to keep your floor areas clean.

It is good to label the boxes so that anyone in the house can put the things into it without any chaos. You can also organise your room by changing the bed sheet and pillow cover – it hardly takes five minutes.

Tip: Don’t hamper the comfort of your baby, especially if he/she is sleeping, otherwise, you need to leave everything else in the middle of the cleaning process.

3. Minimise your Daily Chores

Your newborn baby is your priority. So, leave everything else when it comes to breastfeeding. Attend your child first and then focus on the other activities. Instead of taking stress of daily household chores, it is advised to minimise them as much as possible. You can do the following things to reduce the stress out of your daily household chores:

  • Use disposable cutleries, glasses and plates for the first two to three weeks with your new baby. This will help you save time from washing dirty dishes.
  • Vacuum your floors and furniture whenever to gets spare time. You can also ask your family members to assist you in vacuuming the house. You can also buy a robot vacuum if you don’t have any extra helping hand in your family.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company in Melbourne for the thorough oven and BBQ cleaning if you are with your newborn.

Make sure you hire baby capsule if you are living in Melbourne. The capital city of Victoria organises various programs, resources and activities including the Baby Capsule Hire to support young families and new parents.

4. Engage your elder kid in easy tasks (if you have)

There is no harm in involving your elder toddlers in easy activities like helping in dusting chores, arranging bed sheets, assisting you in getting diapers and a lot more.
Children love spending quality time with newborn, so you can leave theme beside your new baby while performing small house cleaning chores.

5. Know your newborn’s longest sleeping Schedule

This is one of the best things you can discover if you want to do day-to-day cleaning chores. All you need to do is to find out when your baby takes the longest nap and schedule your tasks accordingly. This is the best time when you clean your cooking stove or sanitise your bathroom.
You can also sweep the floors and remove stains from the different areas of your house. Cook food during this time because it can be dangerous to perform while carrying a baby in hands. So, take the most out of his/her nap schedule and get the job done with ease.


Cleaning the house with a newborn can be daunting, but the few tips mentioned-above will help you manage the multiple household tasks effectively and efficiently without disturbing the priority and comfort of your baby. You can also hire professional cleaners in Melbourne if your house is messed up completely. They can help you in getting your house cleaned and sanitised while letting you spend quality time with your newborn baby.