Ways To Reduce Stress : How Cleaning Can Help?

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Ways To Reduce Stress : How Cleaning Can Help?

By : angila
Stress is a common problem which has gripped the global population. Hectic corporate jobs, diminishing social engagements, incompatible personal relations, money constraints and an everlasting quest for a better life – all contribute to creating a mental pressure. So we are always on the lookout for ways of reducing this tension.While many resort to drinking and gaming, we have found a healthier way of resolving this problem. Studies have found that cleaning can be a fantastic way of reducing stress. Although people view it as a tiring and stressful task, it aids in distracting your mind and body from the daily problems.

Usually, people opt for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to deep clean their homes, and there is nothing wrong with it. Professional cleaners save your time and effort. However, it can work wonders in taking away your worries if you make it a habit. Eventually, you will start to like it and this cycle will automatically reduce your stress levels.

Before exploring how cleaning can reduce your stress, look at how a cluttered home promotes stress, which affects your health in many ways.

Harmful Effects of Living in a Cluttered and Unclean Home

Clutter and mess have the immense power of increasing your stress levels, whether you are at the workplace, home or anywhere else. When there is too much stuff around, it becomes difficult for you to focus on something specific.

Unorganised and unhygienic surroundings send signals to your brain that your task is not complete, and there are more tasks at hand that require your attention. This gives you more stress. It also slows down the productivity and creativity by affecting your brainstorming, problem-solving ability and thinking capacity.

And if you do not resolve it, you might suffer from one of the health problems mentioned below.

Health Problems Related To Stress

If you are unable to manage your stress, it can lead to the following health problems.

  • Heart Diseases: Stress escalates the heart rate as well as blood flow and this leads to the release of triglycerides and cholesterol into the bloodstream. This can give you a severe heart problem.
  • Obesity: Stress is also responsible for promoting the growth of hormone cortisol, which increases the amount of fat in your body. This makes you suffer from obesity.
  • Diabetes: Stress can lead to diabetes in more than one way. Firstly, it increases unhealthy, binge eating and too much drinking. Secondly, it raises the glucose levels of people having type 2 diabetes directly.
  • Headaches: In case you don’t know, stress is also responsible for your headaches – not just the common tension headaches, but also the migraines.
  • Depression and Anxiety: When your stress level crosses a certain limit, it changes into anxiety, and the next stage is depression.
  • Premature Aging: Constant stress also contributes to your premature aging because it shortens the DNA telomeres in the body.
Other Problems of a Cluttered and Unclean Home
  • Clutter Creates Confusion: It is no secret that your surroundings influence your mental health. So, if your place is cluttered, it will influence the mind in the same way and vice versa. To gain control and discipline, you need to clean your home. If required, opt for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They provide thorough cleaning without any hassles.
  • Clutter Can Also Cause Accidents: A cluttered house also increases your chances of getting injured by tripping, slipping and falling over littered things. Looking for your wallet in a pile of clothes and documents can be a challenging task. Standing on a dirty and slippery bathtub can be dangerous too.

The Right Way to Deal with Stress

People suffering from stress try several things to get rid of the problem, like visiting health experts, trying massage and laughter therapy, having pills to relax or planning a break. All these things can cost you a good amount of money.

Instead, you should try something that will divert your mind, give you a sense of freshness, and will involve some physical activity. What can be a better option than cleaning up your home? It has everything you need to deal with the stress.

How Cleaning Can Help To Reduce Stress

Studies have found that dusting your home can be a helpful way of reducing your stress level. When the place requires deep cleaning like before moving out of a rental property, it is advisable to go for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. However, for weekly cleaning, you can rely on yourself. Cleaning helps minimise your stress in the following ways.

It Makes You Feel Happy

Walking into your home that has stacks of clothes which require washing, piles of paper and magazines on the bed and study table, and random items on the floor can make you angry and stressful. On the other hand, returning to an organised and clean home makes you feel happy from inside and that minimises the stress levels.

It Gives You a Sense of Achievement

When you make efforts to clean your surroundings and transform them into a beautiful home, it gives you a sense of achievement. You feel confident to deal with bigger problems of daily life. And that can change your attitude towards many things, including how you deal with the stress.

It Gives You a Chance to Show Gratitude

When you clean your home, you get a chance to show gratitude to the little things in life. You might realise that someone out there is dreaming for things that you are taking for granted. It changes your perspective towards life and helps you to reduce stress.

Decluttering Saves Your Precious Time

When you have to spend hours looking for your jacket, cap, wallet, phone charger, or any valuable document, you waste your precious time. This way, a clean home can save your time and help reduce tension.

Cleaning Makes Your Body and Mind Active

It might be a surprise, but the process to clean your home itself is an excellent exercise for the body as well as mind. Different postures while dusting your home, work on different areas of the body and make them active. If you spend a couple of hours cleaning, it is equivalent to exercising for one hour. It also improves your focus and gives a boost to your mind and body.

It Saves Money

If you are getting late to pay your bills, it could be because you are unable to find it in the pile of other important papers. You may be purchasing things despite having them because you are unable to find them in your home. Also, you might be eating outside quite frequently because your kitchen is a mess and you are unable to find any items.

These things make you spend more than what you should. So, by keeping your home clean, you can save a specific amount every month and reduce your finance-related stress.

It Gives You a Clean Environment to Breathe

When you clean your home and get rid of the clutter, dust and dirt, you improve the air quality of the room. This helps you and other family members to breathe in cleaner air. As you stay healthy, you do not feel any stress. But make sure that you don’t use any commercial cleaners as they have harmful chemicals.

Thus, you should opt for professional end of lease cleaning in Melbourne which follows an eco-friendly approach.

Bottom Line

A hectic routine is the biggest reason behind the stress that people carry around all the time. Cleaning your home redirects your thoughts which bring you peace of mind. So, next time you clean your home, keep these points in mind. It will gradually help you to make this task your favourite free-time activity, and it will become much easier to manage your stress.