What Cleaning Products Do Professional Cleaners Use?

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What Cleaning Products Do Professional Cleaners Use?

By : angila
Whether it is the accumulated grime in the kitchen sink or stained tiles in the bathroom, sometimes it seems impossible to clean your house thoroughly. Scrubbing hard is not the solution! You need to have an effective cleaning product. But that doesn’t mean those expensive commercial products.The reputed professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne use basic household products for the cleaning purpose. They use baking soda, vinegar and other similar things to clean the house of their clients. More and more people are opting for the eco-friendly cleaning. Do you know why green cleaning is need of the hour?

The Need of Green Cleaning

The market is full of expensive cleaning products, and people do not hesitate to purchase them. They overlook the fact that these products are loaded with harmful chemicals. These toxic substances not only pollute the environment but also negatively affects your health. Such chemicals are responsible for irritation in the eyes, mouth, skin, and respiratory problems. Thus, you should always opt for those products that are safe. If you are hiring professionals who provide end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, ensure they stringently follow green cleaning. More and more cleaning companies are following this eco-friendly approach. In this type of cleaning, the professionals use such products that are effective on dirt and germs but do not cause any problem for our health or the environment. Here are some effective and safe cleaning products that experienced professionals usually used. Have a look!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the safest, cheapest and most effective cleaning products that people usually have in their house all the time. This is an exceptional cleaning agent that can effectively clean your entire home– whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or any other place. The professional cleaners use this as a mild abrasive scrubber and deodoriser to eliminate dirt and tackle bad odours. Baking soda becomes more effective if it is used with white vinegar. This combination is basically used to clean the gunk present in the bathroom and kitchen drain.

White Vinegar

Another effective cleaning products that are always available in our pantry. White vinegar is highly effective for cleaning and does not produce any harmful toxins like commercial cleaners. The professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Melbourne use white vinegar in every possible place. It is a chemical-free way to remove dirt and grime from your house. It is highly recommended to clean the carpets, toilets, sink, drain, wood and laminated floor. However, as it is acidic in nature, the professional cleaner never uses it to clean the stone kitchen counter.

Pumice Stone

This is another excellent cleaning product that all experienced professionals used. The experts particularly used it to clean the toilet. It is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to gently rub the pumice over the stubborn stains in the toilet. The pumice will match to the shape of surface or bowl, and it becomes very easy to remove the tough stains in the least possible time. If you want to clean any calcium, hard-water, lime or rust stains, you will need pumice stone.

Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil is quite popular among the experienced professionals who execute end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. This is because it has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an excellent natural cleaner. You can use it to clean your kitchen sink, toothbrush or retainer, disinfect your dish brush, deodorise carpet and pet bedding, clean washing machine. It is also great to prevent mould and mildew. Prepare a solution using a teaspoon of tea tree oil and one cup of water. Spray the solution on the existing areas of mould. Wait for a few minutes and then wipe off the surface.

Corn starch

It is something that people often have in their pantry as it used to prepare some dishes. But this is also an excellent cleaning product that professional like to use during the cleaning process. Corn starch is very useful to control the bad odour, remove grease stains, clean windows and glass, polish silverware and many other similar things. This is totally safe as it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it. It is safe for the environment as well as your skin.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) is a common household item that is excellent for cleaning the blinds or removing pesky permanent marker stains. That is why professional cleaners use this product whenever they need. Rubbing Alcohol is totally safe as it is free from harmful chemicals like commercial products. You can use this to clean stainless steel, removing stickers, remove ink and permanent marker stains from surfaces like carpets and all.
This is one of the favourite cleaning products for professionals. As it is high in citric acid and has antibacterial properties, lemon juice is considered as one of the best natural cleaners. It not only uses to clean various surfaces but also a fantastic option to eliminate any bad odour. To make it more powerful, you can use a little bit of salt, which will act as a scrubber. You can clean brass and copper items of your home.
Magic Eraser
Every professional cleaner uses magic eraser. This is a powerful all-purpose cleaner that can easily eliminate dirt and scuff marks from a variety of surfaces around the house. It is not always easy to clean the wall, but this cleaning product works like magic (as the name suggest) and cleans your walls as doors. The eraser also works brilliantly on floors and other non-finished surfaces. If you want to remove the scuffs from the walls, just wet the eraser a little bit and slowly rib on the wall until the mark gets removed.
Liquid Dish Soap
Mild liquid dish soap is a cleaning product that the experts like to have it with them. This is because it can be used for several purposes like cleaning the countertops, windowsills, baseboards and many more surfaces. You can use it to remove grease from the kitchen cabinets, clean the dirty window glass, carpet stains, etc.
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to disinfect the home. People often clean their home but overlook the cleaning of the tools like dish scrubbers, rags, sponges, and toilet brushes. These things also need cleaning from time to time. You can use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean these things.
The Bottom Line
Cleaning is a daunting task. To make it simple, you not only require a little know –know but also effective cleaners that do not cause any harm to you or this environment. So, the next time you want to clean your house, try the cleaning products mentioned in this list.