What is Bond Back Guarantee?

What is Bond Back Guarantee?

By : angila
Ending a tenancy is stressful for every renter, especially those who pay a rental bond at its start. It is common for rental providers in Melbourne to ask for a security deposit that cannot be more than four weeks of rent per the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic). The rental bond can be higher if the weekly rent is over $900. To get this sum back without dispute or deductions, renters need to keep and leave the rental property in the same condition it was in at the start of a tenancy, which is easier said than done. Besides normal wear and tear, every rental property sustains stains, messes, dirt and dust with usage. Therefore, you must deep clean the house or apartment to end a rental agreement and get your security deposit back entirely. Since bond cleaning is tiring and challenging, many people hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. If you choose to do the same, make sure they offer bond back guarantee. It is an essential assurance only a reputed bond cleaning company in Melbourne can provide. Thus, you must hire a good cleaner from a reckoned company. But before you do, here is your complete guide outlining everything you must know about the end of lease cleaning Melbourne and bond back guarantee.

What is Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning is performed at the end of a tenancy and is a form of deep cleaning that differs from regular house cleaning. You must only do it after emptying the rental property, ensuring every nook and cranny is as clean as it was before your tenancy started. If you fail to perform bond cleaning adequately, the rental provider can use the money for a professional cleaning from your security deposit. The landlord can claim your bond entirely for cleaning and repairs when the rental property is in a bad state.

What does a Bond Clean Include?

Before the end of lease cleaning, you must know what it includes to meet the expectations of your rental property from a bond clean. Thus, here are tasks included in a standard bond clean in Melbourne.
  • Dusting lights, fans and other fixtures.
  • Remove cobwebs, insect marks and small nests from ceilings.
  • Spot clean walls and wipe the baseboards.
  • Deep cleaning the kitchen, including the stove, sink, countertops and tiles.
  • Deep clean the bathroom to sanitise the toilet, bathtub, shower space, tiles, mirrors and other areas.
  • Carpet cleaning usually means vacuuming. You need to avail an additional service for hot water extraction, shampooing, or other types of deep carpet cleaning.
  • Clean windows, including their tracks and frames.
  • Clean air conditioners and filters
  • Spot-clean switches and power points
  • Clean standard blinds and rails
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Sanitise cabinetry, shelves, panes, and other storage units.
  • Mop hard floors

  • These are general bond cleaning inclusions, and you can ask bond cleaners in Melbourne for a detailed list. It will help you know what the bond cleaners will do in each room of the house or apartment. Sometimes, only bond cleaning isn’t enough to get your security deposit entirely. You have to avail additional services like pest control, wall-washing, upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning etc. Therefore, you must ask your rental property what services were performed by professionals before the start of your tenancy to ensure you can avail the same services.

    What is a Bond Back Guarantee?

    It is an assurance given by bond cleaners in Melbourne to renters. A bond back guarantee means the professionals do their best to deep clean the rental property adequately. They follow a complete end of lease cleaning checklist outlining necessary tasks according to rooms. Additionally, they use quality cleaning products and tools to get the best results. Most reputed bond cleaners also ask for original condition reports to clean a rental property as per requirement. Thus, they can fulfil their assurance of helping the renter get their bonds back in full. Moreover, you can ask the cleaners to re-clean an area (if required) during the guarantee period. This period can range from 24 hours to 7 days, depending on the bond cleaning company. However, the usual bond-back guarantee period is up to 72 hours. When you search for a bond cleaning company in Melbourne, ask them if they provide a bond-back guarantee because it increases your chances of claiming a bond refund without dispute and deductions. Additionally, always ask how the assurance works because every company has individual terms and conditions.


    Renters often endure stress and anxiety before the end of a tenancy. It is natural because they have to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Bond cleaning is a major task, and performing it poorly will jeopardise your security deposit. Therefore, hire a professional service for bond cleaning in Melbourne. Also, ensure it provides a bond-back guarantee to help get 100% of your rental bond back, as stated above.