What Is Included In An End Of Lease Clean: Complete Checklist

What Is Included In An End Of Lease Clean: Complete Checklist

By : angila
End of lease cleaning often gives many tenants sleepless nights because it impacts their chances of getting a complete bond repayment. A rental bond is a sum tenants pay at the start of tenancy as a security deposit. In Melbourne, this deposit is up to one month’s rent if the weekly rent is $900 or less. However, this deposit can be higher in case the rent of a property is over $900 or the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal had set a higher bond for it. Therefore, losing the bond is a significant monetary loss. Hiring professionals for cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne is a wise and practical solution as reputed companies offer a bond back guarantee. However, not everyone has to take professional assistance. People who vacate a property within a short-period or kept it in pristine condition can get their deposits back with DIY bond cleaning. If you are among them or simply want to do it yourself, you must know what is included in an end of lease clean. Thus, here is a complete checklist outlining tasks to perform in each area of your rental property. Have a look.

General Bond Cleaning Tasks

The below tasks are necessary to perform during end of lease cleaning in all the household areas to meet the satisfaction levels of the property manager and the landlord.
  • Dust all lights, fans and other fixtures.
  • Remove cobwebs, insect marks and scuff marks from ceilings and corners.
  • Spot clean walls and wipe baseboards
  • Clean common points of contacts like switches, handles, knobs, rails etc.
  • Clean windows and doors including their tracks and frames
  • Sanitise air vents & replace filters if dirty beyond saving.
  • Sweep and mop all hard floors
  • Vacuum and clean carpets and rugs.
  • Sweep the garage and the patio
  • Remove garbage and clean the garbage disposal
  • Get rid of weeds and dry leaves from the garden and outdoor area

  • Deep Clean The Kitchen

    After you are done with the general tasks, move to deep cleaning the kitchen. It has multiple stained and grimy surfaces which will take time and energy.
  • Ensure all fixed kitchen appliances are empty and start cleaning them one-by-one. Thoroughly clean the refrigerator, oven, rangehood, microwave, stove and dishwasher).
  • Wipe the cabinets, drawers, shelves and other storage areas
  • Sanitise the drainsand wash the sink
  • Clean countertops and slabs
  • Wash the tiles and grouts if necessary
  • Clean the kitchen counter top, floor and windows

  • The kitchen must be cleaned with eco-friendly cleaners to ensure optimum hygiene levels for cooking.

    Thoroughly Clean The Bathroom

    Cleaning the bathroom should be the top priority of tenants, as this room has multiple stained and grimy surfaces and fixtures. It usually gets the maximum attention on the day of the inspection. Here is what is a must while tending to this area is.
  • Wash and disinfect the toilet including its seat, tank, behind area and outer bowl. Pay extra attention to toilet bowl stains.
  • Scrub and wash the tiles and grouts
  • Wipe mirrors and glass shelves
  • Clean the shower glass, bathtub, and sink
  • Vacuum then wipe the exhaust fan well
  • Clean the cabinetry inside out
  • Wash the floor then remove excess water with a squeegee.

  • If your bathroom surfaces have mould spots, remove them all with soap and warm water. You can also use white vinegar to kill the mould first. Make sure there are no foul odours emanating from the bathroom.

    Sanitise The Bedroom And Living Rooms

    You can relax a little while cleaning the bedrooms and living rooms as they are not as dirty as the kitchen or bathroom. However, do not go lax as it can cost you the rental bond. These are high foot-traffic areas and are the first rooms to be checked during the inspection. Thus, they must be flawlessly cleaned. To sanitise these areas, complete the following tasks.
  • Dust or wipe all furniture, fixtures and surfaces
  • Wipe and sanitise all mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Vacuum the upholstery
  • Clean the curtains and wipes the windows from both sides
  • Wipe cabinetry, wardrobes, shelves and other storage units
  • Spot clean the walls and remove cobwebs from the ceiling

  • Make sure to move from the top to the bottom while cleaning otherwise you will have to clean the floor again after cleaning the ceiling.

    Do Not Forget To Clean Outdoor Areas

    End of lease cleaning in Melbourne differs from routine house cleaning because you must also focus on sanitising outdoor areas, especially if they are furnished.
  • Blow or rake the leaves to pile them in a corner and stuff them in trash bags
  • Remove weeds, mow the lawn and trim plants
  • In case any plant died due to negligence during the tenancy, it would be better to replace them.
  • Spray the fixture with a mild soap and water solution and scrub with a sponge or brush.
  • Rinse with warm water and remove access water with a rubber squeegee before wiping with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • While washing exterior windows and doors, make sure you remove dust, dirt, and pollutants from the tracks and frames.

  • Some outdoor areas may require pressure washing, for which you can rent a pressure washer. However, if the areas are extremely dirty and you are not up for the clean-up, consider hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to pressure wash outdoor areas of your rental property.

    Wrapping Up

    End of lease cleaning is a crucial activity every tenant has to perform to get his/her bond back in full. You can hire professional end of lease cleaners to do this strenuous and challenging task. Alternatively, if DIY bond cleaning is an option, use this checklist by experts to clean and disinfect your rented property like pros.