What Is The Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfecting And Sanitising?

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What Is The Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfecting And Sanitising?

By : angila
A clean and organised house is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Thus, it is essential to remove not only the dust and debris from your house but also the invisible germs and disease-causing bacteria. This will help you and your family members to stay healthy.To clean the house thoroughly, people often hire professionals who offer high-quality end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. However, you can also do it on your own. All you need is the right cleaning supplies, a little bit of knowledge and sufficient time. People often get confused between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising! If you want to do it properly, it’s essential to know the difference.

Here is detail information about cleaning a surface and how it is different from disinfecting and sanitising. Have a look!

Cleaning and Its Importance

The cleaning process is the removal of visible dust, dirt, pollen, etc. from various surfaces of your home. Cleaning not only makes the home look clean, but it also helps decrease the number of germs that can cause infection; however, it doesn’t mean that it will destroy any viruses.

The cleaning process is usually completed with the help of a broom, duster, or wipe in combination with a detergent or soap solution. The decluttering process and organising your things are also a part of the cleaning procedure. The primary purpose of the cleaning is to keep your home spick and span.

If you want to remove the germs from your house, cleaning is just the first process, but it is quite vital. You cannot expect to sanitise and disinfect a spot without cleaning it. To remove germs, first, you will have to get rid of the visible dust, dirt stains, fingerprints and other similar marks. The cleaning process is always necessary, but the sanitising and disinfecting is optional and depends on the situation.

For instance, if you are moving out of a rental property, you need to clean it properly to get back the security deposit. However, you are not required to sanitise or disinfect it. There are many companies that offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

On the other hand, if you are moving to a place, how should not only clean it but also make sure that it is free from germs and bacteria. So you need to disinfect that place. The cleaning process doesn’t take much time while the disinfecting a property can take hours.

Basic Tips to Clean Your House

When you are performing the cleaning task in your home, it is important that you consider and following the tips as mentioned below.

  • Declutter your home from time to time. Removing irrelevant things like decorative items, old book, magazines, newspapers, old clothes, shoes, electronics and other similar things can create a lot of space and help you to keep the home clean.
  • Do not forget to clean the difficult to reach areas. If you want to clean your house properly, you need to make sure that you clean those specific areas that are difficult to reach. Such areas include a ceiling fan and light fixtures. Also, ensure there are no cobwebs.
  • You should clean the carpets properly. The carpets can get quickly dirty, so it is important to clean it properly. If you want to remove the red wine of coffee stains properly, clean it as soon as it spills. Also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt, dust, pet hair and other visible dirt.
  • Never underestimate the cleaning of your bathroom and kitchen. It is important to clean your kitchen and bathroom properly because these are the rooms that get quickly dirty and require thorough cleaning.
  • Hire professional cleaners to get the job done. If you want to clean your home perfectly, you should contact professional who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They have knowledge, experience and advanced tools to make sure to get the best possible result.

How Disinfecting and Sanitising Is Different From Cleaning

Although these two tasks do more or less the same thing and people use these terms interchangeably, they are slightly different from each other. While sanitising means to decrease the number of germs, disinfecting is basically destroying or killing the germs.

Thus, these two tasks are the next level of the cleaning process and usually required when you target the germs and bacteria that cause diseases. Always remember that disinfecting and sanitising need much more time than a basic dusting of the house.

This is why the disinfecting and sanitising process is highly recommended during the cold and flu season when it important to minimise the spread of infection at your place. Also, use these process to ensure that your new home is free from harmful germs bacteria before moving in.

Experts who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne also include these services in their package. Cleaning along with sanitising and disinfecting is a complete process. To keep a hygienic and safe environment, make sure that you perform all these three tasks.

Basic Tips to Disinfect and Sanitise Your House

These tasks are the next level of cleaning. However, if you want to get the result, it is important that you do it properly. Follow the useful tips to disinfect and sanitise your house perfectly.

  • You should always sanitise your carpets, towel, bed sheets, pillow cover and other similar things after cleaning them properly. This will reduce the number of germs from and keep you and your family healthy.
  • Pay attention to sink, toilet, bathtub in the bathroom and kitchen countertop in your kitchen.
  • During cold and flu season, disinfect all the common spots that your family members touch throughput the day. These spots include faucets, doorknobs, flush lever, light switches, study table, refrigerator, microwave and oven handle, and other such things.
  • You should also disinfect your electronic items such as phone and tab screen, laptop keyboard, TV remote and other similar spots. Many companies who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne include these services in their deep cleaning.


Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising are three different things, but their objective is the same – to make your home a healthier place to breathe and live. Whatever you are doing, make sure that you are using eco-friendly products instead of commercial cleaners. Use the information mentioned here to clean and disinfect your home perfectly.