What is The Most Effective Cleaning Product?

What is The Most Effective Cleaning Product?

By : angila
Everyday messes are unavoidable and when you don’t clean stains, spots and grime routinely, they become hot spots for illness-causing germs. They are also serious problems at the end of your tenancy because tenants are obligated to keep and leave the rental property reasonably clean. You can hire a professional end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne to prepare the rented premises for the final inspection.

However, to maintain routine household hygiene, you must keep good cleaning products on hand. Using the right cleaner, you can sanitise a surface within a few minutes and get great results. Then what is the most effective cleaning product? Here is your guide to the best cleaning products for different household surfaces/fixtures. Have a look.

Mirrors & Glass Surfaces

If you need to sanitise the shower glass, window panes, tabletops or mirrors in your house, use baking soda. It is a versatile sanitiser and deodoriser that can remove spots, stains, soap scum, and grime without scratching surfaces.

Therefore, it is an effective cleaner used as a powder, paste or solution. You can mix it with dishwashing liquid, water or white vinegar to increase potency and clean without exposing yourself or household members to dangerous chemicals.

Kitchen Fixtures & Appliances

Need something to clean the stove, sink, oven, fridge, microwave, and other kitchen fixtures & appliances? The Pink Stuff Paste by Stardrops is a versatile and effective cleaner that can eliminate rust, dirt, oil stains, boilover messes, food carbons and much more.

The paste works because it has Quartz (SiO2), Sodium Palmate and Sodium Cocoate, which are mildly abrasive and organic. Using non-toxic cleaners is crucial to limit exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Since drains excavate dirty water, food bits, dust, dirt and gunk from different areas in your home, they develop biofilms. They are a layer of microbes enclosed in a slimy extracellular matrix.

When a biofilm forms, bacteria, viruses and fungi stick to it quickly, and debris sticks to the film, causing drain clogs. Therefore, you must eliminate it to keep drains clean and functioning optimally.

The most effective cleaner for drains is bleach, which can remove grime and kill dangerous pathogens. Professional end of lease cleaners also use it to get effective results efficiently. To sanitise drains, pour boiling water and then a cup of bleach. Cover the drain for half an hour and pour boiling water again.


Toilets gather mineral stains and grime due to repeated usage and exposure to hard water. Therefore, they require regular washing and disinfecting to keep them sparkling and germ-free. Clorox Toilet Cleaner with Bleach is an excellent product for sanitising toilets.

Since the cleaner is in gel form, it is easy to apply and remains on the surface to remove toilet bowl stains and kill germs. Using this product, you get desired results with minimal scrubbing and a pleasant fragrance in the bathroom.

Common Household Surfaces

Make a multi-purpose cleaner by mixing white vinegar and water in equal proportions. Also, add dishwashing liquid and a few drops of an anti-microbial essential oil. You can use this effective cleaner for sanitising countertops, appliances, shelves, furniture, windows and other common household surfaces.

Since it contains natural ingredients, this versatile cleaner is non-toxic. What’s more, it is effective against most grime, streaks, spots, stains and messes in your home.


Carpets gather dust, dirt, food debris, and other contaminants, which is why they need routine vacuuming and spot cleaning. Dirty carpets affect the indoor air quality of your home and increase the risk of skin & respiratory infections. They can also make tenants lose their bond because carpets must be clean at the end of a tenancy.

You can hire experts who offer professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne to deep clean the carpets. However, use Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover to keep carpets stain-free and smelling fresh during routine cleaning. It is an effective cleaner, as it can get rid of pet stains, wine stains, coffee marks, spills, odours and other messes.


Floors, especially in high-traffic areas are among the dirtiest surfaces in your home. Their ATP reading can be between 100-300, which means extreme contamination and a high risk of getting sick.

Thus, sweep and mop your floors daily to keep them sanitary and your home germ-free. Bosisto’s Floor Cleaner is an excellent product reckoned for its user-friendliness and effectiveness. Moreover, it is economical, environment-friendly and fragrant.


You can maintain household hygiene and sanitation like a pro with the right cleaning products. Thus, use the effective cleaners mentioned above to sanitise different surfaces and fixtures in your house.

However, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to deep clean your property when ending a tenancy. The professionals can help get a complete bond refund and move out of the rental property without disputes.