What Should A Thorough Rental Property Condition Report Include?

What Should A Thorough Rental Property Condition Report Include?

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Rental properties are leased for a short period and vacated as per the agreement terms. Since different families occupy these Melbourne homes, they are subjected to consistent wear and tear. The landlords ensure to keep them well-maintained and structurally strong to attract lessees.

However, there could be some problems that are not rectified before the entry of the new tenant. The lessee must identify these issues and inform the landlord to avoid paying for them at the end of the tenancy.

A landlord has the right to deduct the amount for property damage caused by the tenant from their deposit. Therefore, tenants should carefully assess the residential property to save themselves from paying for the damage they did not cause. This is where the rental property condition report comes into the picture, which helps to keep the bond protected from wrongful deductions.

In addition, professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne ensures safe bond retrieval. Here is a list of what should be included in a rental property condition report. It will help avoid missing out on the important details.

Follow the Condition Report Template

Tenants must understand that they should follow the template offered by Consumer Affairs Victoria to ensure they cover everything. The document must have a detailed record of the condition of the house at the beginning of the tenancy or the lease agreement. The report should have a room-by-room account of the house and mention dirty or damaged spaces. It must include walls, doors, floors, ceilings, windows, carpets, plumbing and electrical fixtures and fittings in the house.

It should also have information about the outside area, such as the garden, patio and garage. The report can be a digital or paper-based document and is prepared by the landlord. The tenant must thoroughly review it and make changes if required. Once satisfied with the description, the renter can sign the report, send one copy to the landlord, and keep another safe for future reference. It must be returned within five days of receiving the document.

Do Not Forget About Safety Features

Many tenants forget to check the safety fixtures on the property and include them in the property condition report. However, if they malfunction, it can lead to safety hazards and property destruction. If there is a fire in the house that damages the tenant’s possessions, the landlord will not be responsible for paying for the damage.

Thus, it makes sense to ask the landlord to provide the last date of the test conducted for the smoke alarm, gas safety check, hot water system check, electrical safety check, and pool barrier compliance check. The landlord must have these records and provide them to the tenant within a week when requested in writing.

In addition, look for mould and pests on the property to include it in the report to get it removed. These can threaten the safety of your furniture and the health of your loved ones.

Customise the Condition Report

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Sometimes, the landlord may fail to include every part of the property in the condition report. For example, they may not have mentioned a dirty garage or a garden. However, the cleanliness of these areas can pose a challenge while moving into the house. Usually, the outgoing tenant hires expert end of lease cleaning Melbourne companies to clean the property. However, some spaces can become dirty if the vacancy period has been long.

Thus, the renter has the right to add new sections to include details of missing areas with supporting evidence if they are dirty or damaged. It is ideal to inform the landlord about the new section and make them realise its omission from the report. If the tenant and the landlord agree to continue the tenancy after the end of the lease term, they do not need to create a new entry condition report. The document prepared at the time of the first tenancy can be used for the next.

Take Pictures of the Property

One of the most important tasks to complete when preparing the property condition report is to take pictures of damaged areas. It will help to have proof of the problems that existed before the tenant moved into the house. Thus, the property owner cannot refute the claim when the evidence is before them.

These photos must be attached to the condition report and the date to retain their value as evidence. The digital copies of the pictures must be kept safely if the hard copies are lost or torn. If the property damage is significant, the landlord must be notified to get the repair done. If they fail to restore the property, the renter must apply to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal to issue an order for the repair work.

Complete the Exit Condition Report

The property condition report has an exit condition section that is filled out at the end of the tenancy. The exit report must be completed in the presence of the tenant to ensure that the property is rightly inspected and documented. Usually, tenants rely on professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne to ensure the house is spotless at the end of the tenancy.

The landlord can claim the bond if the property is unclean or there is fresh damage, which is beyond the fair wear and tear. They can also withhold the bond if the fixtures or fittings are missing from the property. So, the renter must leave the property in the same condition in which it was rented.

Managing Disputes During Tenancy

Disputes over damage can be prevented by maintaining the property during the tenancy. The repair and restoration responsibilities are mentioned in the rental agreement and should be followed by both parties. Tenants and landlords should get the repair work done for issues that fall under their control to prevent disputes.

In addition, the renters must get the property cleaned by the best end of lease cleaners Melbourne at the end of the tenancy. It will ensure that it is returned in its original condition, which the condition report can verify. Thus, the landlord will not have any reason to claim the bond.

What should be included in a rental property condition report:

Things that should be included in a rental property condition report

Wrapping Up

Rental properties are leased to several tenants to generate income. However, the constant moving in and out can take a toll on the property. It is ideal for the new renter to inspect the house thoroughly and create a detailed entry condition report to keep the rental bond safe.