What Should An End Of Lease Clean Cover?

What Should An End Of Lease Clean Cover?

By : angila
You have to deal with various challenges when you move out of a rental house, but the biggest one is cleaning the property. Tenants cannot avoid the task because the refund of the security deposit depends on it. If you fail to clean a rental house appropriately, the property owner can deduct a hefty amount from the deposit as the cleaning fee. So, clean it properly to clear the final inspection and get back the bond money. When you are occupied with numerous responsibilities, it becomes difficult to focus on the cleaning part. That is where the professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne comes to the rescue. The experts clean every nook and corner of the property, which helps you to clear the final inspection. Whether you are hiring professionals who offer cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne or following DIY methods, you must know about the spots included in the cleaning. You will save time, energy and money. Read on to know what should an end of lease clean cover.

Areas that End of Lease Clean Covers

Although different cleaning companies have different inclusions and exclusion list, there are some spots that most of the service providers covers. They clean the following spots to match the property condition report. Kitchen If you are cleaning on your own, always start from the cooking area because it accumulates a lot of dirt, grease, food stains, spills, etc. Moreover, there are different types of surfaces that make cleaning more time-consuming in comparison to other rooms. The professionals clean the following spots during the end of lease cleaning.
  • Thoroughly clean all shelves, top of the cupboards and drawers
  • Remove the stubborn dirt and stains on the stovetop and knobs
  • Removing grime and grease from oven trays, glass and doors
  • Get rid of grease build-up from the tiles and grout lines
  • Scrub the sink, faucets and clear the drain holes
  • Clean the dust present on the exhaust fan filter
  • Remove dirt from behind, bottom and outside the microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher (If it is applicable)

  • Bathroom Once you are done with the kitchen area, it is time to clean the bathroom. Tenants often avoid scrubbing bathroom surfaces during the lease period, which makes the place very difficult to clean. If you need the help of professionals to complete the task, contact professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning Melbourne.
  • Clean up drawers and cupboards
  • Remove dust and dirt from the exhaust fan cleaning
  • Clean the toilet bowl stainsby scrubbing the surface; clean and disinfect the toilet seat and flush lever.
  • Remove soap scum, hard water stains and dirt from sink, faucets, shower and bathtub
  • Get rid of limescale from the shower head
  • Clean the soap residue from the mirror
  • Scrub the tiles and grout line
  • Clean towel rails and window tracks

  • Laundry Area If you have the laundry area, then clean the following spots.
  • Inside and outside of the drawers and cupboards
  • Removing soap residue on your laundry tub
  • Clean the faucets and mirrors
  • Remove dust and dirt from the space behind the washing machine, other equipment, filters, etc.
  • Clean walls, doors and doorknobs

  • Common Areas Besides the areas mentioned above, there are some common spots in all the rooms that you must include in your checklist.
  • Remove Cobwebs from ceiling corners and dust from the ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Remove insect marks, scuff marks, etc., from the walls
  • Remove dust build-up from air ducts
  • Removing stains from doors and skirting boards
  • Get rid of the dust and dirt from windows, screens, sills and blinds
  • Clean cupboards and drawers and sliding door tracks
  • Vacuum the upholstery and carpets. It is one of those things that help you to get the full bond back.
  • Sweep and mop the floor

  • The Exterior of the Property When cleaning the outside of the property, pay attention to the patio and garage.

    Excluded Areas in End of Lease Cleaning

    Most professional end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne, Victoria, exclude the following spots and tasks.
  • Ceilings:Cleaning companies generally exclude ceilings during the end of lease clean.
  • Mould:Although removing mould is included in the cleaning chore, these areas may require a specialist or complete repair of the surface.
  • Damp Spots:Certified end of lease cleaners in Melbourne, VIC, do their best to remove stains caused due to damp spots but do not give a guarantee. These marks can reappear due to the presence of excess moisture.
  • Complete Wall Cleaning:The professionals will perform the spot cleaning on walls but do not expect them to give a complete wall clean because it requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Cupboards and drawers that are not empty:The cleaners will not clean any cupboards if you have not removed the items.
  • Dangerous Areas: Professionals exclude any spots that are dangerous for them. It includes cracked or broken power points, switches, etc. Cleaning these spots can lead to injuries due to electric shock.

  • Take Away

    End of lease cleaning can be a little time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be confusing if you know all the areas it covers. Follow the aforementioned checklist to make sure the cleaning gets completed in a flawless manner. If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning, contact professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They increase your chance of getting the bond money back.