Why You Should Deep Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

young couple sprucing up their new house

Why You Should Deep Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

By : angila

When you move into a new house, the first thing you need to do is clean it thoroughly. That is how you can ensure that it is free from dust, dirt, allergens, etc. You can perform the dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing on your but it can be a hectic.

It is because you also need to take care of many more responsibilities before you move in. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a company, who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Such companies also offer many additional services like thorough cleaning of the house.

The professionals use modern tools and innovative methods to make sure that every corner of the house is perfectly clean. If you are doing it on your own, you need to follow some guidelines.

Read on to know why and how you should clean your new home before moving in.

Clean the Kitchen

You must clean the kitchen thoroughly before moving into a new home. You should not take any chances with the cooking area because here you will prepare meals for your family.

Clean everything properly, including the surface, stovetop, cabinets, drawers, and appliances. When cleaning the appliances, pay special attention to the oven because it is very difficult to clean. Commercial oven cleaners or natural products like baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean the kitchen.

Scrub the Bathroom Surfaces

Clean the bathroom of the new house because you have no idea who has used it or if the previous tenants cleaned it correctly or not. Concentrate on the toilet, bathtub, shower glass, and sink when cleaning the bathroom.

Scrubbing the toilet is one of the most unpleasant tasks, so you can contact professional cleaners who offer reliable end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne. They use high-tech cleaning equipment to ensure that every part of the bathroom, as well as the entire house, is spotless.

Vacuum Carpets

Pet hair, pet accidents, dust, fungus, spills, insect droppings, etc., are often present in the carpets and are responsible for allergies. If you are one of those, who suffer from allergies, you must thoroughly vacuum the carpets before moving in.

The carpets might look clean to your naked eyes, but it might have germs and bacteria deep inside the fibre. So, along with the vacuum cleaner, you also need to clean it with a steam carpet cleaner. If you opt for professional help, make sure you find trustworthy cleaning services in Melbourne.

Air Ventilation Ducts

Air ventilation ducts are frequently overlooked when it comes to cleaning. So, before you move into a new house, double-check that the ducts are clean. It’s possible that the previous tenants did not clean it as part of the end-of-lease cleaning.

Too much dirt, dust, and mould in the air ventilation ducts can deteriorate the indoor air quality, leading to allergies. It may also affect the house’s cooling and heating system’s performance. So make sure you clean it perfectly.

Look for Pests

Properly inspect the rental property before moving in to ensure that it is clear of pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, termites, spiders, wasps, and rodents. You can purchase pesticides directly from local markets in Melbourne, or hire professionals to get rid of the pests.

They use effective pesticides and the latest methods to accomplish the task perfectly. Handling pesticides can be hazardous to your health, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Get Rid of Mould

Like the bugs, you should also look for mould and get rid of them. Look for the fungus in areas such as the basement, bathroom, and storage room. Mould usually grows in any area where the moisture level is on the higher side. Furthermore, you have no idea how long the rental property has been vacant.

As a result, you must scan the entire house and look for the mould. You can either use store-bought mould remover or eco-friendly products like baking soda, vinegar, essential oil, borax, etc., to eliminate them. Choose chemical-free methods if you are allergic to harsh chemicals.

Sanitise Important Spots

Cleaning the house isn’t enough! You should also make certain that it is free of germs and bacteria. So, after cleaning, disinfect the entire property. Pay special attention to the handles of appliances, cupboards and drawers, bathroom and kitchen sink faucets, doorknobs, light switches, toilet flush levers, countertops, and other high-touch areas.

To disinfect the surfaces, you can use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. The entire process can be time-consuming, so hire professionals who provide dependable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will save your time and energy.

Pay Attention To Window/Door Frames & Tracks

Often during regular house cleaning the frames and tracks of windows/doors are neglected. They accumulate dust, dirt, allergens and contaminants that pollute the indoor air quality, as the windows and doors are entry points.

To clean these spots use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice or nozzle tool. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, wipe these narrow points with microfiber gloves or sticks, as the tools can trap contaminants and remove moisture effectively and efficiently. Microfiber products also absorb moisture and sanitise fixtures without scratches or damage

The Bottom Line

Cleaning the property before moving in is always beneficial because you don’t know how it was cleaned by the previous renters or the property owners.

Instead of following DIY methods, contact experienced end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. They will make sure that the entire property is free from dust, dirt, smell and harmful bacteria. In other words, you will feel confident about moving into a healthier place.