Your Complete Summer House Cleaning Checklist

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Your Complete Summer House Cleaning Checklist

By : angila
As the summer season is approaching quickly, it is time to sit back and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. However, before you relax, make sure that your house is perfectly clean. Many people avoid thorough cleaning of the house during winters and spring and wait for the summer season. It is an important time of the year, and everybody wants their house to look sparkling clean.

As cleaning the house thoroughly is a challenging and time-consuming task, many prefer to hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They offer additional services that can help you to clean your house in the best possible way. However, if you want to clean your house on your own, you will require a checklist. It will help you to accomplish the task in a stress-free manner.

Read on to know more about the complete summer house cleaning checklist.


A dirty kitchen during summer season not only stinks but also allows the germs and bacteria to flourish quickly. If you are planning to cook delicious food during the holidays or organise a party, then you must keep your kitchen in tip-top shape.

  • Remove dirt and stains from the stovetop and countertop with an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Clean all appliances in your kitchen appropriately, particularly refrigerator and oven.
  • Use a wet rag to clean the outside as well as inside of the cabinets and drawers.
  • Scrub the dirty kitchen sink and faucets, so they look spotless.
  • Clean the garbage disposal using ice and lemon to prevent any bad smell from it.


During the summer season, your bathroom starts to produce an unwanted smell. The humidity promotes the growth of germs, bacteria and mildew. Thus, you should scrub the important spots in your bathroom to ensure it is free from dirt and germs.

  • Thoroughly scrub the toilet to remove any stains and make it look perfectly clean.
  • Apply a mixture of liquid soap, baking soda and water on bathtub and sink. Scrub the surfaces with a sponge and rinse properly.
  • Remove limescale from showerhead and faucets with the help of white vinegar
  • Clear the gunk present in the drain with the help of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Remove dirt from the grout by applying a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Scrub with a brush and rinse the spot.
  • Open the windows or turn on the fan after taking a shower. It will improve the ventilation and that will reduce the humidity.

Living Room

During summer season, people open their windows and doors more often in comparison to other seasons. As a result, household surfaces accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Include the following areas in your checklist to clean the living room perfectly.

  • Wipe the blades of the ceiling fans with the help of step ladder and duster.
  • Vacuum your upholstery to remove the dust mites, pet hair, etc. Also clean the area under the upholstery.
  • Wipe the surface of the furniture with a microfiber cloth.
  • Remove the dirt and dust from the Photo Frames using a wet rag.
  • Wipe the handrails with a wet cloth
  • To clean your dirty carpets perfectly, hire a company that provides reliable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They offer additional services, including carpet cleaning.


Your bedroom should be perfectly clean because you rest and sleep here. So, a dirty bed can make a negative impact on the quality of your sleep. Remove the dirt and dust to make it a healthier place.

  • Clean the mattress, wash the bedsheet and pillow covers. Also, clean the area under the bed.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface of the study table.
  • Clean the mirror with a vinegar-water solution and remove the water with a squeegee.
  • Clean inside and outside of the wardrobe with a wet rag.

Common Spots

Apart from the areas mentioned above, there are some common spots that you must include in your cleaning checklist.

  • Clean the ceiling corners to get rid of the cobwebs
  • Remove dust and dirt from both sides of your windows.
  • Eliminate dirt from the light fittings of all the rooms.
  • Once you are done with the cleaning of the entire house, sweep the floor. To remove the stubborn dirt, mop the floor.
  • Wipe the walls and baseboard of all the room. Try to remove as many marks from the walls as possible.
  • Clean the filter of the air conditioner and the vent with a vacuum cleaner.

House Exterior

A lot of people like to spend the evening and early morning outside the house during summer. Clean the exterior of the house so its look perfectly clean.

  • The patio of your house can be a harbour for several things such as mould and gunk build-up. Use pressure washing to clean these areas perfectly.
  • First, remove the dust and dirt from the furniture surface with the help of a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth. Then wipe the surface a damp cloth.

The Bottom Line

Make your home look sparkling clean this summer with the help of the complete cleaning checklist that is mentioned above. The list will make sure that you do not skip any important spots, including the hidden ones. If you want to save your time and energy, contact experienced end of lease cleaners in Melbourne and opt for their additional services.