Your DIY Cleaning Checklist

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Your DIY Cleaning Checklist

By : angila
House cleaning is an essential task because it elevates the overall appearance of your house and also keeps diseases, infections, etc., at bay. However, dusting and scrubbing the household surfaces is challenging, time-consuming and can be overwhelming at times. Therefore, you always try to finish it quickly, and as a result, you overlook several important spots in your house. If you want to give your home a thorough cleaning, you need to follow a detailed DIY checklist. It will make the task a lot easier and organised. However, if you want to clean your rental place thoroughly at the end of the tenancy, you should avoid DIY methods. Otherwise, you can lose a hefty amount from your bond money. Instead, you should hire seasoned professionals to get the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They also follow a checklist to make sure that the property looks sparkling clean. If you want to clean every nook and cranny of the property on your own, you need to prepare a checklist, and for that, you need some help. Read on to know more about your DIY cleaning checklist.


Your cooking area acts as a magnet to dust, grease, food particles, spills, etc. Therefore, you need to clean it thoroughly so it looks and smells great. Include the following kitchen spots in your checklist.
  • Top of the Cupboard: Use a microfibre duster to remove dust. Then use a scrubber and warm soapy water.
  • Cupboard Shelves and Drawers: Do not forget to wipe the inside of the cupboard and drawers with a damp cloth.
  • Stovetop and Countertop: These areas accumulate spills and grease, so properly scrub the spots.
  • Appliances: Clean all the appliances, particularly the oven because it collects a lot of dirt and grease.
  • Kitchen Tiles: Spray warm soapy water on the kitchen tile and then use a scrubber to remove the greasy layer.
  • Sink and Faucets: This is another dirty spot that required vigorous cleaning. Scrub the area and then rinse properly.


Your bathroom surfaces are full of different types of bacteria that can lead to infections and diseases, particularly in kids. Therefore, you must clean your bathroom perfectly and disinfect it.
  • Toilet: You can either use a commercial toilet cleaner or a combination of baking soda and vinegar to remove the stains.
  • Bathtub: Mix baking soda, liquid dish soap and warm water. Then apply it to the surface and scrub properly.
  • Showerhead: To remove limescale, detach the showerhead, dip it into a bowl half-filled with vinegar, and leave it for a few hours. Then scrub with a brush and rinse properly.
  • Shower Glass and Mirror: Spray a vinegar-water mixture on the surfaces and scrub with a soft sponge. Then wipe with a squeegee.
  • Sink and Faucets: To remove soap scum and hard water stains, scrub the surface with a sponge and rinse properly.
  • Tiles and Grout: Use the vinegar-water solution to clean the tile. To remove dirt from grout, apply a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Drain: To eliminate the gunk inside the drain, pour baking soda and then vinegar in it. Wait for a few seconds, and then pour boiling water into it.


There are also several spots in your living room and bedroom that accumulate dust and dirt. If you want to save time, you can hire professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and opt for their additional services.
  • Ceiling Fans: Remove the dust layer from the blades of the ceiling fans.
  • Furniture and Upholstery: Wipe the furniture with a microfibre cloth and vacuum the upholstery.
  • Walls and Baseboard: Get rid of the scuff marks, spills, fingerprints, and crayon colours from the wall and baseboard.
  • Windows, Blinds and Sills: Remove dirt from both sides of the window glass. Also, clean the dust and dirt from blinds and sills.
  • Carpets: Vacuum the carpets properly and also eliminate the stains.
  • MattressBed Sheet and Pillow Cover: Vacuum the mattress properly and wash the bed sheet and pillow cover in warm water.

General Spots

There are also some common areas in all the rooms that people often forget to clean. Make sure you include them in your checklist.
  • Ceiling Corners: Get rid of the cobwebs from the ceiling corners.
  • Light Fittings: Wipe the inside as well as outside of the light fittings with a damp cloth.
  • Air Vents and Filters: Remove the dust and allergens from the air vent of all the rooms and the filters.
  • Handrails: If you have stairs, make sure that you clean and disinfect the handrail.
  • Doorknobs and Light Switches: Do not forget to wipe and disinfect the high-touch points in your rooms.
  • Floors: After dusting all the room, sweep and clean the floor of the entire house.

The Bottom Line

When you have so many spots to cover in your house, it is possible to overlook some crucial areas. To make the task easier, follow the DIY cleaning checklist that is mentioned above. If your bond money is at stake and you don’t want to lose it, contact trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. They will make sure the property looks immaculate.