Your Step-By-Step Guide To End Of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne

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Your Step-By-Step Guide To End Of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne

By : angila
Love heavy-duty cleaning and dealing with dirt and grunge? Well, then roll up your sleeves and go for the tiresome end of lease cleaning on your own. However, you should not forget that some finicky inspection agents can be fussy, and may demand the property to be returned in the same condition as it was when leased.This is the reason why people prefer to contact the best end of lease cleaners in Melbourne as they come with the benefit of getting the security deposit back. These professionals have the required experience, expertise, and cutting-edge tools which ensure thorough cleaning.

If you want to clean the house yourself and get the bond back too, you need to make sure that every corner of the property – including the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balcony, laundry and garage – is perfectly clean. Here is a step-by-step guide to performing end of lease cleaning all by yourself. Read it carefully and follow the tips.

Step 1: Vacate The Premises

Before you start cleaning your home, make sure that you have removed all the items such as furniture, appliances, etc. because end of lease cleaning requires in-depth cleaning which goes beyond the regular cleaning routine.

For instance, if you have not moved your furniture, you cannot clean that specific area properly, like the area under the couch or the wall behind the fridge and thus won’t be able to match the property condition report.

Step 2: Get The Correct Equipment

Different surfaces in the house require different treatment. Thus, you need various types of cleaning equipment to ensure flawless cleaning. Do not forget to grab the following supplies before you start end of lease cleaning.

Broom, brush and dustpan

Microfiber cloth

Rubber Gloves

Mop and Bucket


Oven cleaner and scraper

Carpet steam cleaner

Sugar Soap and sponges


Paper towels and newspapers


Step 3: Start The Cleaning Process

When you start the end of lease cleaning process, make sure you are following a checklist and use green cleaning methods, just like the professional bond cleaners in Melbourne. This list will help you to clean every corner of the property and get your security money back in full.


The kitchen is by far the most challenging place to clean as it requires a lot of effort. Thus, people often hire end of lease cleaners in Melbourne as they have the right tools and experience to get rid of the grunge and oil filth. However, by following these guidelines, you can easily clean your kitchen.

Clean the stovetop and oven (both interior and exterior)

Degrease the range hood

Wipe the backsplash and bench top surfaces

Clean the sink, spout and handles

Make sure the pantry of the kitchen is clean

Properly wipe the cupboards, drawers and shelves

Clean the insides of the dishwasher, microwave, and fridge


If cleaning the kitchen felt like a backbreaking task, wait till you reach the bathroom. Accumulation of soap scum, hard water marks and toilet stains over a long period make the bathroom look dirty. Follow the checklist given below to ensure it is completely clean.

Properly dust the air vents

Wash the tiled surfaces

Clean the basins and bathtubs

Properly clean grime and grout from the shower glass

Clean the faucets and shower head

Disinfect and clean the toilet seat

Ensure that the vanity, spout and handles are also clean

Polish the bathroom mirrors

Living Room and Bedrooms

Irrespective of where you are living, these rooms are more or less same and require the same type of cleaning procedures. If you have hallways and staircases, you must pay attention to their cleaning. Follow these guidelines to make them spick-and-span.

Vacuum or/and mop the floors

Clean the shelves, drawers and cupboards

Wash the windows, tracks and sills

Clean wardrobe mirrors, frame and tracks

Properly clean the door frames, skirting boards, and blinds

Dust and wipe the light fixtures, switches and power points

Make sure there are no cobwebs

Give special attention to room carpet

Wall washing – entire wall cleaning or spot cleans

Pest control (if required)

Laundry Room

If your home is big enough and you have a laundry, make sure it is thoroughly clean.

Clean the floors properly

Properly clean the washer and dryer surface

Get rid of the dryer lint

Wash the sink, and clean the handles and spout


It is quite common for terrace apartments and homes in Melbourne to have one or two balconies. If they are not adequately clean, the property manager can deduct some amount from the security deposit. So pay attention to cleaning these areas by following the list given below.

Vacuum or/and mop the floors

Properly wash the sliding patio doors as well as tracks

Wash the windows, tracks and sills


People often overlook the significance of cleaning the garage, but you should clean it before you hand over the keys to the property manager. It doesn’t take much time to clean it.

Sweep the floors properly

Try to remove oil spills and any similar stains

Dust and clean the cupboards, drawers and shelves

Ensure there are no cobwebs

Step 4: Get Approval From The Real Estate Agent

Once you are done with the end of lease cleaning, you need an approval from the inspection agent so that you can get back the security deposit. If you have followed the guidelines step by step, you will be confident of getting the bond.

You should ask your real estate agent to inspect the rental property immediately after you clean it. This will give you time to rectify any issues identified by the agent. The faster you will resolve the problem, the sooner you will get the approval.


You always have the choice to either perform the cleaning yourself or hire professionals for the same. Opting for bond cleaners in Melbourne is definitely the easier option, but you can save some money by doing it yourself. This step-by-step guide of end of lease cleaning will help you to transform a messy place into a crystal clear home.