The Environmental Impact Of Traditional Cleaning Products

The Environmental Impact Of Traditional Cleaning Products

By : angila

Our environment is a precious gift that is consistently crumbling due to human negligence and exploitation. Polluted air, contaminated water bodies, relentless deforestation, soil erosion, high noise levels and growing population all contribute to the deterioration of our ecosystem. The constant abuse of natural resources has led to alarming consequences, including droughts, floods, wildfires, and heat waves.

With carbon emissions and chemical cleaning waste from households rising, it has become imperative to realise their impact on the environment. As eco-conscious citizens, it is our duty to stop using toxic cleaning products that pollute the air, land, and oceans. Even reputed end of lease cleaning Melbourne companies use eco-friendly products for sparkling results.

Here is everything you need to know about the environmental impact of traditional cleaning products. It will help you recognise the negative effects of store-bought commercial cleaning solutions.

1. Water Contamination Due to Cleaning Products

Water is a non-renewable resource that is the lifeline of all living beings. Humans inadvertently pollute water bodies by using chemical-based commercial cleaning products that are washed down the sinks, toilets, and drains. These products enter the oceans and make the water unfit for marine life and flora in the region.

Household cleaning items like detergents, toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners comprise chemicals like ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, phthalates, sodium hydroxide, and formaldehyde. These chemicals reduce oxygen levels in water bodies and destroy marine life, which affects the food chain and increases water pollution.

2. Air Pollution Because of Cleaning

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Air is the most basic requirement for sustenance, and when it becomes polluted, it harms the entire ecosystem. Many cleaning products comprise volatile organic compounds (VOC) that vapourise during home cleaning and impact indoor air quality. This can result in sore throats, irritation in the eyes, and running noses.

In some cases, it can also affect the kidneys and liver. Besides VOCs, some products contain chlorine, which combines with VOCs to create hazardous results. This is why end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals use natural cleaning solutions for disinfection. Commercial cleaning products also create outdoor smog that affects the air pollution levels.

3. Adding Plastic Waste to Landfills

Traditional cleaning products are mostly packaged in single-use plastic bottles that are not recycled. The packaging waste goes to the landfills, adding another mound, or is disposed of in the oceans, where it takes ages to decompose. Plastic pollution in the water bodies endangers marine life and enters the human food chain.

The amount of packaging going to waste is enormous because every house and commercial property uses these products. Thus, it is vital to switch to natural products that are packed in recyclable packages and can be reused by families.

4. Carbon Emissions Due to Production

The mass production of commercial cleaning products consumes a lot of energy and their transportation across the nation further deteriorates air quality. The procurement of raw materials for manufacturing these products involves chemical processing, which leads to soil, air and water pollution around the production facility.

Thus, end of lease cleaning Melbourne experts recommend using natural household items like lemons, salt, vinegar and baking soda for cleaning purposes. These non-toxic items do not cause pollution during manufacturing and packaging. Also, the clean and sanitise all the surfaces effectively.

5. Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaning products are harmful to the environment in various ways and should be discontinued to reduce emissions and pollution. It is easy to replace the store-bought cleaning products with homemade solutions. These are easy to prepare and help you maintain optimum hygiene levels and indoor air quality in the house. It ensures that you are adding more toxic waste to the landfills and oceans.

Natural cleaning also reduces the seepage of toxins into soil and water. It keeps the surroundings clean and the family members healthy. Renowned end of lease cleaning Melbourne service providers use eco-friendly products to get the rental bond back. They offer a complete property makeover without using chemicals and restore it to its original condition.

6. Benefit of Using Natural Cleaning Alternatives

Natural cleaning alternatives are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne among eco-conscious households because of rising concerns about climate change. Green cleaning is necessary for maintaining optimum air quality inside the house to prevent allergies and sickness. It helps to contribute to the circular economy by reducing packaging waste and preventing the release of toxins into the environment.

Natural cleaning alternatives are way cheaper than commercial products and are quite effective in cutting through grime and grease. They do not harm the surfaces or damage your expensive furniture. Make sure you use the right ingredients while preparing the DIY cleaning solutions and stick to the suggested proportions. These products create zero emissions and are easily available in households.

The Environmental Impact of Cleaning Products

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Wrapping Up

It is a well-known fact that chemical waste and fumes are killing our environment. We are contributing to this destruction every time we pick up a bottle of commercial cleaners to tidy up the house. Thus, it is vital to switch to biodegradable products and reduce the environmental impact of traditional cleaning products.