The Grossest Places You Never Think To Clean During A Move-Out

The Grossest Places You Never Think To Clean During A Move-Out

By : angila

Attention-to-detail cleaning adds excessive pressure when moving out of your rental property in Victoria. The entire process can be time-consuming and back-breaking, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Most tenants often forget to clean hard-to-reach spots laden with accumulated dust, gross, and grime. This can result in cleaning disputes or bond money deductions at the end of a tenancy.

If you are a responsible renter, pay attention to a well-defined cleaning checklist that covers every nook and cranny. You can also hire professionals for a budget end of lease cleaning Melbourne to get those areas cleaned that you might miss out due to stress and other potential factors.

Today, we are sharing a list of the grossest places you never think to clean when moving out of your leased property in Melbourne. Follow this guide and pay attention to all spots to increase the chances of full-bond money retrieval.

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1. Air Vents and Filters

Did you know that clogged air filters or vents in your HVAC system could be causing allergy and asthma symptoms? These are among the grossest spots tenants forget to clean at the end of a lease.

Over time, air vents accumulate dirt and dust particles, allergens, pollen, grime and harmful germs that can pollute the indoor air. So, it is good to clean your clogged air ducts and filters using the best methods.

First thing first! Wipe down the vent covers of your HVAC system using a damp microfiber cloth. Then, use a soft-bristled brush to remove excess dirt and grime.

Next, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to collect dust and dirt from registers. Ensure that you have a long hose that can reach the area easily.

2. Ceiling Fan Blades and Light Fixtures

Dust, dirt, debris, and other harmful allergens collect on ceiling fans, blades, and inside light fixtures. It can ruin the overall look and feel of the property. The worst part is that tenants often neglect these spots when sprucing up the entire house.

If you want to leave a great impression on your fussy landlord, eliminate accumulated dust and dirt from ceiling fan blades and light fixtures. Use a telescopic microfiber duster or an old pillowcase to wipe down the fan blades.

Tip: Use a step ladder or a stool to access the fan or light fixture.

3. Area Behind the Radiator

It is obvious to overlook radiators as they are hidden behind heavy furniture or other decorative pieces. The grooves behind the radiator collect dirt and dust circulated back into the air and release allergens. In fact, cleaning this particular spot can help you save electricity bills.

If preparing for the final inspection, clean it using a vacuum cleaner with a canister or hose attachment. Soft-bristled brushes can also help you get into nooks and crannies. After that, clean the surface using a wet sponge. You can use vinegar and warm, soapy water to tackle grime and gunk.

Tip: Remember to turn off the radiator before you get into the cleaning process.

4. Inside the Oven and Microwave

woman cleaning an oven

Burnt food particles, caked-on gunk, food splatters, and stubborn stains in your much-loved kitchen appliances can be gross. Filthy ovens and microwaves can be breeding grounds for disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Thus, it becomes imperative to deep clean these appliances inside and out. Use vinegar and warm, soapy water to dislodge gunk and grease. Baking soda can help banish unpleasant odours and greasy stains.

You can also hire professionals for an expert end of lease cleaning Melbourne because they leave no stone unturned to transform the entire premises for a hassle-free retrieval of bond amount.

5. Behind the Stove

Tenants may overlook the stove in their kitchen when cleaning their rental property. Over time, food crumbs, built-up grease, and grime accumulate behind the stove, making it difficult to clean.

The best strategy is to pull the stove out a few inches, if possible, and spray a white vinegar solution to break down the gunk. Use a soft-bristled brush or a sponge for effective scrubbing.

6. Behind and Underneath the Refrigerator

Pet hair, thick layer of dust, dirt, gunk and other debris can easily accumulate behind and under the bulky refrigerator. This can become the breeding ground for pests and germs. So, apart from keeping your appliances spotless, you should maintain these hard-to-reach areas clean for better results.

It is good to pull the refrigerator out with the help of your family members and remove the dust from the walls and floors. Do not forget to vacuum the coils to dislodge collected grime.

7. Grout Lines

There is no denying that tiles are a beautiful addition to your kitchen and bathroom. However, the dull and dingy grout lines between your tiles can look disgusting. Since grout lines are prone to staining, pay special attention to the spot using the best method.

Spray 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide solution and gently scrub the area with an old toothbrush to remove pink mould and stubborn stains. Rinse, wipe and dry the surface to prevent mould re-growth.

8. Garbage Disposal

Clogged garbage disposal in your kitchen can be gross. It can linger in unpleasant odour and harbour harmful mould, leading to various health hazards. This can be the most overlooked area if doing it without any professional assistance.

After cleaning your sink and faucets, pour baking soda, followed by vinegar and warm water, to flush out struck food particles and grime. Then, grind up some ice cubes and lemon peels to freshen up the disposal.

9. Behind the Toilet

People often pay attention to the toilet bowl to remove brown stains and gunk, but they forget to clean the area behind it. The worst part is that the area behind the toilet can harbour lethal grime, mould, mildew, and dust that can be tricky to clean.

When preparing for a move-out journey, clean this gross area using a brush or a microfiber mop. Spray a vinegar solution and leave it for a few minutes. This will dislodge the stain and make your work much easier.

If you are concerned about your hard-earned bond money, hire professionals for a cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne. They clean all important surfaces and pay special attention to gross areas to help you pass the rental inspection in Victoria. Make sure you understand the cost of cleaning services and hire professionals within an estimated budget.

The Grossest Areas to Clean During a Move-Out

areas that you must clean during the end of lease period

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that landlords thoroughly inspect the rental property before relieving the bond amount. Thus, it is imperative to clean the grossest places within the premises during a move-out and achieve a shiny and hygienic indoor environment.